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    Pardon the rant, I am a bit tipsy. A dry early season will drive some people to do stupid things. God knows we need another good rant, Russman :nononno:.

    This evening, while perusing the local bookstore, I picked up the recent issue of frequency TSJ. I was pleasantly surprised. Top notch photography as always, but the content seemed better. I had been getting it a few years ago but let it go. At the time I kinda thought it was a bit immature and trend oriented. Tonight though, I spent some time reading it over more than a few pints, and have come to this conclusion: this issue IS better than days of old. It seems to have matured and seems cover a wider range of sub-genres (if there is such a word) of our subculture of snowboarding. In short, it seems to have gotten some soul. Look no further than the essay on pg. 22. Awesome.

    The nice postman currently delivers to my mailbox just Backcountry. While it is useful in providing good backcountry intel, I’m constantly dissapointed in the snowboarding content. Fuck, I mean, in the most recent issue, there are two small photos of snowboarders, and a short obit piece on Karin Ruby (though she isn’t riding in the pic). And the gear review? Sucked! Do they not realize how quickly splitting is growing? Monk151’s work load should attest to that. 🙂 And I find it interesting that Powder will have nothing of snowboarders, even if we are in the bc. riding pow. The title alone would seem to apply to us as well. And none of the other snow mags seems to do much for me either.

    As for the other snowboard mags; Jesus H Christ. I know I hit the big 4-oh this year, but I’ve never felt so out of touch. (And I know I’m not the only one here!) Kids in tight pants doing silly tricks on trash cans/cars/rails/stairs/(insert obstacle here). I stopped paying attention to the mainstream mags a while ago, but holy shit it just hit me how marketing driven our sport is.

    Don’t get me wrong. My season doesn’t depend on any form of media, but at the same time, I love to see snowboarding in it’s best light. And all is not lost, in fact the best thing I’ve seen recently, though it is a visual medium, was Leeward’s flick, My Own Two Feet. It was all snowboarding, and all backcountry. I know some of you have had issue with it, stupid tricks in on lousy snow, and at times it did seem a little silly, but it was ALL SPLITBOARDING IN THE BACKCOUNTRY. Few other videos have gotten me that stoked in a loooonnnnnngggg time. How many other media productions can say that. I for one can’t wait for Leeward’s next shred flick, assuming it’s based on the same principal. But, I think for now, the stoke is pretty limited.

    So what do you guys/ladies get in the mail? Videos? What keeps you stoked when you’re not out in the snow?

    :twocents: [End Rant]

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    I’m in the same boat as you are, rico. I haven’t looked at frequency or any of the other mags in a long time because I assume them to be, as you put it, immature and trend-oriented. I don’t get the “kid in a flat brimmed hat and giant headphones sliding over a picnic table at night in a suburban park” thing.

    However, I still like the content in Backcountry. I don’t pay much attention to the instruments used on the descent. I’m more interested in the vibe that the author puts off from the TR itself.

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    Alpinist and Backcountry are the only I subscribe to, any others are purchased after an initial bookstand review.

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    I didn’t know backcountry mag was still around, I think REI stopped carrying it. I liked it. I also like the Surfers Journal and Alpinist. Mags that include good writing and capture the culture. Theres not much of a culture anymore in snowboarding, but I feel there is in the BC. More of an eccentric group of people you don’t find at resorts or in the mainstream.

    I tend to read non-fiction books like John Muir’s writings and recently a book on solo sailing around the world. Even though I don’t sail and probably never would I am fascinated/inspired by solo adventures. I think things take on a greater purpose/spiritual meaning when you achieve great things by yourself. In terms of movies I like documentary style movies so I really liked “Steep”. Bill Briggs is now one of my biggest heroes for what he did on the Grand. Not a lot of good stuff out there for snowboarding unfortunately.

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    I pick up Off-Piste when ever I run into a stack (they’re usually free). Cool small scale vibe…has some good photos. A newsprint type magazine. When I subscribed I used to prod Dave for some more snowboarding articles, he always agreed to print something if he got it..but I guess we’re an illiterate bunch ’cause not much ever appeared.

    Had a great recipe for Nord Americano style Tsampas Bars that were a great snack for a tour…lots o’ butter and chocolate and caramel if I remember correctly.

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