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    Today’s avalanche advisory…
    “The avalanche danger is estimated to be CONSIDERABLE; dangerous avalanche conditions exist on many slopes. The danger is not limited to particular aspects or elevations. The new snow that has fallen over the past few days has overloaded a fragile snowpack, and this load resulted in a widespread avalanche cycle throughout the northern Wood River Valley yesterday. The instability will continue today, and conservative decision-making is essential.”

    We went out today and did a little snow study adjacent to the headwaters of the Salmon River near Smiley Creek Idaho. We triggered this slide from about 150 yards away after we made a “conservative decision” to work our way up a protected ridge-line instead of traversing along the road below. Had we taken the lower rout directly below this exposure we would’ve been right in the deposition zone. Be safe out there. Took photos instead of riding…

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    cool photos. 3 and 4 :thatrocks:

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    4 and 5 look like the would still be fun to ride.

    Way to get a first hand look and stay safe.

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    Cool pics C!

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    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice one Coco, keep it on top up there, I’ll do the same down here, ok? Rendezvous soon….

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