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    Decided on heading to Snow Mt.
    It looked good last Sunday driving down the 5.

    Can’t resist camping at Letts Lake.
    And the Stonyford Rangers said the road has been fixed, so the Summit Springs TH is
    reachable with a car. The road was washed out about a mile before the TH for years.

    I don’t get many (any) weekends off, so if you want to join up this weekend, we’ll be there
    Thursday – Saturday.

    Bring your fishing gear.

    I used to have a shit-ton of pics of Snow Mt. on Biglines…
    they are all gone now

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    446 Posts

    Letts Lake w/my canoe a few years back

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    Bring everything.
    Your bike, your fishing pole and a boat.
    Don’t forget your board! (boards – in my case)


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    Sounds awesome!! I need to link up with you for one of these trips.

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    Yeah that road has been fixed for a few years now I think, although it was closed for a little bit again a couple years ago. Seems like the part that gets messed up has that clay type of soil that likes to slide and wash away easy. That part has freaked me out a few times when the rear end of my car starts to slide towards the edge on that clay.

    Anyway I might be headed up there this weekend to camp and hike. Love the place. Never had a bad time at Lett’s Lake and Snow Mountain Wilderness. Hopefully there will be enough snow up there and at Hull again soon to at least do some touring…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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