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    reading on the backcountry mag website i came across this interesting article about some snowboarders who triggered a slide which killed someone. anyway it looks like they will have to go to jail for this. may set an intersting precedent. i dont know if anything like this has happened in the states yet and what the laws are regarding such incedents but it does make me really think.

    usually the areas i ride are very empty and the chances of something like this happening are very slim, but with increased backcountry traffic, who knows. to me this serves as an important reminder not only to look out for everyone in my group, but to also really watch out for other groups – when possible – and where they are in relation to me or my group.

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    Stories like this always make me fear the eventual conclusion by “authorities” and “lawmakers” that the only solution is to keep all OUT of the backcountry completely. The foolishness of a few usually is all it takes to destroy the good of the responsible many.

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    A couple friends of mine were skiing in the BC (Mt Blackmore) back in October when someone triggered a slide from above. My friends were well out of harms way but were still pretty upset. Ironically, when the other skiers descended, my friends realized it was someone they knew. I think they got an earfull.

    I’ve started worrying about other parties during my BC outings over the last couple seasons as places near me become more popular. I’m also starting to avoid those places at times when access is easiest.

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    Wow, I hadn’t heard of this. Scary. I think this serves as a reminder that you are responsible for the skier/rider below you piste or off piste. I don’t know the full situation but it sounds like the girls group must have been visible to them. What a horrible thing.

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