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    This TR is a copy of the one I posted on Turns-all-year, but thought I’d drop it in here as well.

    Great day. It was fairly quiet, for a pretty popular area.

    Headed up to higher elevation, to hopefully avoid what I anticipated would be wet snow in snoqualmie pass. Based on the TRs I’ve read, it looks like we made a good choice.

    Snow above 4500 feet or so was quite good, in the open. We skinned up to Skyline lake, then dropped off the ridge down what appeared to be a stream bed or talus slope. The snow was pretty deep, and heavy.

    We skinned up Skyline ridge, where we found wind-affected powder. Up on top of the ridge, we met a couple of tele skiers we had seen earlier in the day. We dug a pit, and found a bomber snowpack (several layers of well bonded wet snow), topped off with about 3 inches of dry slab snow. There was an ice layer about 3/4 inches thick 18-24 inches down. The wind slab was extremely poorly bonded, breaking off several times while I was trying to isolate a column for a tap test. We decided to avoid the large open slope below us, and followed the tele skiers tracks down the ridge and through the trees.

    The snow up top was great, pretty light, and tons of fun. The snow in the trees was a refrozen, tree bombed mess, dusted with the lightest of fresh snow. What I would call Death Cookies back when I was skiiing on the east coast.

    The skin back up to the lake was eventful. Snow between tree clumps was great. Deep, but easy to skin up. Snow in the trees was a frozen mess topped with just enough new snow to keep your edges sliding out. We’d reach a spot where skinning up was impossible, bootpack for a half dozen steps, then hit a pocket of soft snow. Somehow, we missed the slope we took down until the very end of the climb, which would have made for a more pleasant uptrack.

    The decent from the lake was pretty good. We cut as many switch backs as we could, and found some nice snow on top of the tracked up ruts that had frozen in. Got back to the parking lot just before dusk.

    Ed dropping in behind the lake.

    Skinning up the ridge

    Popping out at the bottom of Moonlight bowl

    bcboarderwa scooting down the exit trail


    Nice…you guys have been definitely getting more than a fair share of our snow up there this season 😉



    Glad to see a TR from Washington at last. For a while there it was quite lonely on this board. Though all the recent snow has been heavy, at least it will make for a great spring skiing base. Let the TRs keep coming!


    looks like your guy’s weather looked alot better than ours. this is what we had today:

    i am gettting rather sick of all the snow.. the last sunny day i had was in november…. 😕 still good fun in bottomless cascade “powder” though.

    we found all the recent snow to be very well bonded to the rain crust which was great. we smashed our column to bits before it even tried to slide. this weekend should be stacking up to be pretty good…as long as you can see where you are going 😀

    affix snow

    @jack wrote:

    looks i am gettting rather sick of all the snow.. the last sunny day i had was in november…. 😕 still good fun in bottomless cascade “powder” though.

    Oh Boo FUCKING hoo! 😉

    Looks sweet guys!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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