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    Last weekend I got to take my 13 year old Skyler on his first real splitboard trip and I’m happy to report it was a huge success! 😀

    He’s been snowboarding since 4 and going on overnight/multiday backpacking trips since the same age so needless to say he has a genuine love for the outdoors and adventure. He’s been wanting to go splitboarding for a couple years now but this year he started to really talk about it. At 13 I think he’s reached a good age strength and maturity-wise to start going and he did even better than I expected. It’s a little nerve racking taking your kid into avy terrain so we kept our goal and angles to a minimum. We had a blast and I can’t even explain how stoked and proud I am of him.

    Here’s our pics.

    Day 1

    Setting out from the snowpark.

    Having never skied, he said the split skis felt a little goofy at first but by the end of the trip he had the hang of skinning.

    The conditions were great and soon we were at the Echo Lake Chalet. (closed during winter)

    On lower Echo Lake. This is the same lake we take the boat taxi across in the summer for backpacking trips.

    Pretty steezy 13 year old splitboarder if you ask me.

    A few hundred feet up from the lake we set up camp on a bench with a nice view and out of harm’s way.

    Dad puts his Guinness on ice and Sky puts his Arizona ice tea on ice.

    Sky eats his regular lunch snack while Dad enjoyed some leftover pad thai and punag curry from Orchid Thai (yum).

    With camp set up and our bellies full its time to go take a run.

    Skyler puts the finishing touches on our camp snowman.

    Heading out


    Looking back towards camp and lower Echo Lake.

    Time to ride. Sky rode my 162 Burton split, the biggest board he’s ever ridden (usually rides a 155).

    The snow was really wet and grabby but he did great for never riding that board and no warm up run.

    Surf stylie

    All the way out on to the lake. 8)

    Dad spied a little dock jib and made sure it was a go, Sky grabs the 161 rockered Venture and sets off for his turn.

    No problem for skater boy.

    Back for another…the money shot!

    Sky trying not to blink and Dad stoked.

    Checking out the lake ice under the snow.

    Time to head back to camp.


    Nite nite snowman, check out those abs too. 🙂

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    Right on BCR :clap: :thatrocks:

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg


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    Day 2

    Same view in the morning.

    Not much color and weather coming in.

    A short while later it starts dumping.

    “Its a beautiful morning”


    Sky’s first pit.

    Time for another run before heading home.

    Pow turns for Sky.

    Back at camp to break the tent down and grab the big packs.

    A few more turns down to the lake.

    Skinning out

    Sky was getting a little chilly so we took some shelter and added a layer at the chalet.

    Back on the road and the last stretch to the car.

    Made it! 🙂

    Good times and the first of many! :thatrocks:

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    Awesome Chris,

    Not many dads out there sharing those kind of memories. Took my son A.J. up Pow house last weekend and was stoked to see him on skins. Perhaps another camp session is in order with other dads and kids ! Let me know, we’ll be there.

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    That would be rad Jim! How old is AJ?

    Echo Lakes makes for a pretty great spot for this. Maybe in a few weeks, lets stay in touch.

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    AJ is 11 but he is solid. I have him in clickers and approach skis right now (too small for a split). Echo would be fine, or we could leave from my back yard on the snowmos and sled in the camp supplies. Plenty of terrain in the backyard. :thumpsup:

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    Dude, that’s awesome. I got my first skins when I was 11, it was awesome (back in my skiing days before I saw the light).

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    Nice Speedy!

    Snowmo assisted would be fun too jim! When is the kids spring break up there? Ours is April 4-12. That would be a good time plan something. I have a 157 split and might be able to borrow one in the 153-155 range. What size solid does AJ ride?

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    Ha! We were just there last Thursday for an Avalanche Level 2 field trip.

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    Yeah D, Dishwasher dave was your instructor. 🙂

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    Nice one! beats the hell out of taking your kid to the ball game or Monster Truck Show

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    Right on Skyler and BC. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate stoke like that. Can’t wait till I can shred with my son and daughter.

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    His spring break is the 14th -17th, but we would be down for anytime. I have our annual mens ice hockey game/beerfest at the Sharktank on 4/4 so 4/4 & 4/5 would be out.

    He’s riding a 138 Rome. I think the 153 would be huge for him, but thanks anyway.

    I’ll send you a PM with my number.

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    Looks like a very nice trip.

    Glad to see BCR could move after eating all that Thai food. I guess he did need energy to haul a sled and carry a pack. Good work.

    How was the new Venture?

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    BCR…I think you’ve found away to top riding with Mr. Jones!

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    Very cool…your son has the BCR style in his turns

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    Right on Chris. Stoked for you and Sky! Many many years of splitting in your guys’ future I’m sure.

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    E P I C :thatrocks:

    Been wondering when we’d see your first family TR, good stuff!

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    2 questions – Is Skyler an official member yet? Maybe next time he can write the TR. It would be cool to hear it from his perspective. And also, how’s that Venture?

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    Yeah I’m gonna have to get that kid Skyler to show me around Deso sometime. He’s gonna have that place so wired!!! You must be bursting with pride.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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