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    Anyone with any insight on the functionality of the BD Cheat Sheets; currently, it take me and a mule to separate the skins to my new Mtn Gun when the are placed bottom to bottom as recommended by Voile.

    Thanks, Tree


    I have no personal experience, but my BC partner was using them and liking them last year. You might want to read this horror story from ttips before using them, though!

    Eventually you will get crap all over the glue (cat hair in my case) and they will be much easier to pull apart. Either that or you will develop ripped lats.

    (PS Welcome to the forum)

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.


    I realize after I left the house this morning I completely misunderstood this thread….ooops. It was bugging me all day while I was fighting non-sticky skins. Was ok since the powder was knee deep & the duct tape held for each climb.


    I use plastic mesh. Cut a peice half as long as your skin and fold your skin onto itself. makes for less glue on glue contact and way easier/faster to pull apart. Ill see if I can post pics today.


    Be thankful your skins are sticky, it’s a lot shittier when they won’t stick on the climb. Usually happens at the end of the day when your dead ass tired, thirsty and hungry. You gotta stop, find some half ass tool and scrape them. At this point your partners are pissed because they’re tired and hungry as well but now they’re cold too.

    Maybe I’m exagerating a bit but you get the picture. Sticky skins are good.

    In terms of pulling them apart, hopefully the skins are folded in half. Place the loop over the end of the boards, stand the board up making sure not to damage the end on the ground (hopefully snow). Now use two hands and pull like a motha.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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