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    So I got a new deck and was cutting the skins a little to work with the magnetraction (bout a 3 min process) and when I took the akin off it left a bunch of sticky residue on the base. I’ve had this happen on my old board when I left the skins on overnight but this is a brand new deck and it was just a few minutes. Would the parchment paper method help this? Fwiw the skins are g3 high tractions and the glue is pretty gooey and dirty but not incredibly so.

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    My girlfriend has been fighting with her G3s ever since she got them last winter. They’ve been leaving the same residue on her bases and she’s not too happy about it.


    I’ve had that happen with my old G3 skins as well. A little brake cleaner on a paper towel takes the skin residue of the base pretty easy. I haven’t noticed the brake cleaner do anything bad to the base, but use at your own risk. Also, keeping the base waxed helps minimize the residue sticking.

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    My girlfriend waxed her splitboard on Friday and didn’t have any problems with skin glue on Saturday.

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