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    Mt. Hood’s north side is remote and you meet just a few skiers on a weekend skinning towards Cooper Spur or when snow conditions permit up to the Snow Dome. The north side is well known for it’s wind blown and bullet proof conditions due to permanent winds coming from the west. It is a long approach as well, approximately 3 miles one way and 2000 ft vertical to the bottom of good tree skiing. Above treeline you will find that.

    The approach route from the Sno Park up to Tilly Jane follows the Polallie ridge which is actually the southern edge of the deep and narrow Polallie Canyon, a remote place with no trails, and probably no-one having the desire to hike into it because the sides are steep, prone to rockfall and somewhere in the middle a 300 ft tall waterfall stops all upstream travel. My buddies and I we had the crazy idea to ski the upper end of Polallie Canyon with it’s huge bowls and continue downstream along the creek till we reach the waterfall. It should be possible to navigate around the drop off and ski back into the canyon below the cascading water. The plan worked out well, we skied slopes they may have been not skied before and we explored some adventurous scenes. Enjoy the following pictures…

    DISCLAIMER: Do not try to ski into Polallie Canyon, it is a dangerous place – If you are at the bottom of the Canyon there is no easy way out.

    ^ Skinning above Cloud Cap – Mt. Adams peeking above the clouds

    ^ mellow slopes above Polallie Canyon

    ^ skiing into the upper Polallie

    ^ skinning out just above the waterfall

    ^ coming back into the Canyon – and here it is…

    following pictures: John doing some stunt work…

    affix snow
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    I want that……

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    Wow – cool shots & destination. Were you on a split?

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    those are some cool shots, even if they are skiers 😉

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    Great pics man! 8)

    Glad to see it get some love on ttips too!

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    Guys, thanks for the comments…our only splitboarder that day had other plans, he really missed out on something.

    It was quiet impressive skiing down to the bottom of that waterfall, the constant noise from falling water created a special touch to the entire scenery.

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    where does that go 😮

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    Nice Job Gumpie. Like Mcaliste asked…how did you get down from there?

    Very Nice pics

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    Wow! Nice Hood stoke!!! I need to get over on the side of the mountain more.

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