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    Just a short little ditty here about the possibility to ski all the way to the ocean in mid-June here in AK. Actually It looks as if in some locations this possibility will hold into July or even longer.

    Here’s some pics

    After a long skin and some glacier travel we reached our goal and found a plush spot to snack, sleep, and sun bathe in the tundra, with a very nice overlook of Prince William Sound.

    Corn snow right to the shoreline. Need a boat to access this one.

    A couple miles of cruiser glacier riding to get down

    After the tow of the glacier the snow is holding all the way to sea level, a couple blocks from the harbor.

    To score the best turns on the way out we elected to finish with the river crossing, but you can skin right from the car and ski right back to the car if you would prefer.

    Summer Soulstice shred anybody? Who’s got a boat we can use??!


    Very beautiful! Looks like a blast. I’d like to ride above the ocean like this sometime. Such an awesome contrast.


    Sailing began to hold a new appeal for me when my girlfriend (from Anchorage) showed me photos of her dad skiing lines accessed from his sailboat. Seems like a truly classic experience.


    here’s some boat skiing to get into, if your a zillionaire



    C-mon now, you don’t have to be a zillionaire. I booked my ticket Friday and I’m a lowly waiter/bartender… You Can Do It!!!!


    What is that animal ? Badger? How hot does it get “In Town” in late may, early june? supprising to see dry ground after all that snow this winter. being from the lower 48 you just get an Idea all of alaska should be white all year long.

    I have a boat that would get us to that stuff, just would be a hell of a fuel bill getting it from my house to yours

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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