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    I am not finding a dyna-toe ski crampon wide enough for a 27 cm waist board. What are others doing?


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    B & D makes a 135 mm Dyna-compatible crampon (and has been for quite a while). My math says that should fit—YMMV.
    From the site. . . “All crampons are made about 3mm wider inside then the stated width. So, a 100mm crampon is about 103 mm inside and will comfortably fit a 100mm waisted ski.”

    In my experience, if I need to whip out my ‘pons, I don’t really want to ride down it. Besides, aren’t you hardbooters supposed to sidehill like a badass or something. Where’s Barrows?

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    Good tip. That might work. Thanks, Hans.

    I’ve been in plenty of situations where ski crampons were needed on approach to soft snow on other aspects. And, as a dude who walks in both worlds, I will not be baited into a long thread of arguing with myself. 🙂


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    Spark D Rex wide are another option.

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    Even better. Thanks Chris


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    I’ve had the wide B&D crampons and they are solid. As for crampons, this is the perfect season to justify their use, climbing on frozen corn in the morning sometimes calls for boot crampons but the afternoon ride back down is so much fun once it slushes up.

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    I use dynafit 130mm crampons for similar waist width.

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