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    I’m looking at a pair of Thirtytwos 305s that come with a thermoliner. The 9.5 are too small (toes hit the end pretty hard) but the 10s are rather loose (no heel slip however?). I’m thinking too small would stretch easier than too big shrinking but I’ve never owned thermoliners so what do I know? Your expertice is appreciated. Thanks,

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    Hey Kevin. I don’t know much about snowboard boot thermoliners but I have sized many a pair of AT and Tele boots.

    With hard shell boots you should be able to fit two-finger stack on top of each other in the shell fit. (shell-fit; toes touching the front of the boot with the liner out, measured by the distance between you heel and the back of the boot. Bend your knee forward to give yourself some room.) One finger with a little wiggle is okay too.

    A little snug is perfect. Too big is bad. When you get them cooked the shop should put some toecaps on your toes to give you a little more room to wiggle. Your heel will also push some volume around during the mold, giving a little more room.

    Hope this helps dude.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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