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    Hey Guys and Gals,

    We are starting to work on the logistic for setting up a splitfest in Silverton Colorado for April 2012. We are thinking April because the snow should be a little more stable and Silverton Mountain will still be open.

    I know that Silverton will be a haul for most people so please let me know how you guys think you would get there car, plane, boat, as we might be able to help figure out a way to coordinate this effort.

    Another question I have for people is what are people will/wanting to pay for. Obviously you will need a place to say and I think we can get that down to $30-40 a night per person. Would people be willing to pay more for t-shirts, catered food, beer etc.

    I know this is more than a year away, but we wanted to get a jump on it while people are coming back from various split events this year. I think the goal is to get this 80% figured out by the start of next season. We also need to get the bulk of the detail sorted out so sponsors know what they are sponsoring. Hopefully this will allow us to get lots of great gear to demo and give away. I know that for some of you, it will take fair chunk of money and time to get there so we want to put on the best event possible. So far, I’ve already gotten several vendors who have expressed serious interest in providing some great gear to give away.

    So, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, and/or tips, please let me know.

    As for the riding…we will post up some trip reports from our scouting trip this April (if you want to be apart of that, send me a PM).


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    Silverton the area…or Sliverton the actual mountain with the single lift?
    If its the latter i would look for another location. We are splitboarders. We dont want slackcountry or side country. We dont like other peoples tracks messing up our lines.

    Pick a nice REMOTE location in the San Juans and steer clear of any of those mechanized means of getting people to the top. We can do that ourselves

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    The town as the basecamp, the ski area in case people bring guests that want inbounds turns. They are about 15 minutes apart. Plenty of shred to do within less than an hours drive from town. Some shred within 15 minutes of town

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    Count me and at least two of my split partners (who aren’t on in! We would drive out from Denver.

    As an aside, for the last 10 years a group of us has been going on an ice climbing trip to Ouray, but for the last 3 years it has really become more of a backcountry ski trip with Ouray as basecamp. The lodging situation (AlpenGlow), bar scene (2 small, but awesome micro-breweries), ice park, and hot springs in Ouray are money. I’m not a San Juan expert like some of you, but we have found sick BC close to town.

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    Like HFT said, if we have the event in Silverton then people can choose between backcountry and lift access. If it dumps feet, which it could, I’d feel much safer paying $50 to ride a lift and get fresh turns in an area that they bomb the shit out of. Plus, if it dumps, then nobody will be able to get in or out of Silverton so I think TEX you will get fresh track either way.

    That being said, the main goal is to ride backcountry lines around Silverton. The place puts my head on a swivel. I think you will agree once you see that place. We were trying to find something unique to Colorado and I think Silverton is it.

    If people think it would be better to move it to Ouray, I’m open to that. We just need feedback on that.

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    @keffler wrote:

    If people think it would be better to move it to Ouray, I’m open to that. We just need feedback on that.

    I’m not a fan of that idea. Ouray seems to have tons of cliffs and made for ice climbing more so. That is not to say there aren’t some big lines up there I am going to try for this spring, but for a splitter event, Silverton holds much more options and promise in my opinion. The hot springs would be cool for sure, but there are things to do in Silverton too (but its def not a city 😀 ). If you want to get to Ouray its 30 minutes up north from Silverton, and still an option to travel to for tours and hot springs, but Silverton should be where the event is if were doing it down here. :twocents:

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    I’d be down to help out with the scouting. Hit me up when you guys come down, if I’m free then I’d like to join you (I’ve ridden a line or two in them hills).

    You’re on the right track with Silverton being the base. Ouray is beautiful and the warm pool (it’s hardly a hot spring 😉 ) is nice but no reason to host a split fest there. The BC options around Ouray are huge but remote and access is not easy which would kind of negate the “fest” part of split fest.

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    Silverton is a much better option in my opinion and having the “unguided” season during April will be a great backup if avy danger is nutty. We are not known for our stable snow in the San Juans. Also the road up to Silverton Mtn from town hold endless options for runs. We can day trip to hot spring, Orvis in Rideway is worth the extra 10 minutes in the car.

    I am down to help with routes and anything else. Cheers!

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    Silverton would be sick. :headbang:

    I’d come out for it if I can.

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    This would be great to see this happen! April would be a great time for it. I would pay for things like quality shirts, catered food, beer etc. Are you thinking one of the motels as accomodations? I’d imagine they would be psyched to fill up some rooms , as its usually pretty empty during april in my experience.

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    Yup, Silverton is a good option. I would come by car from the front range.
    My vote would be to keep it as affordable as possible, in other words, do not tack on extra costs for things like T-shirts, etc. You can always sell t-shirts for those who might be interested. Also, plan things so that the town benefits economically, this will make us welcome again. Plenty of riding options around there, but I would not go too late in April, the banana factor could hit hard and leave us SOL. I would be more in favor of late March, deep instabilities should be (mostly) mitigated by then, and we can still ride pow. I think it would be very good to have a bonifide, local, (probably paid) avy expert on hand as well. Folks coming from out of town will never have a handle on conditions like locals. I would certainly pay a little more for a local expert guide doing avy evaluation.

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    Sounds awesome! Lemme know how I can help. :band:

    (A pic from north of town, about a month ago…)

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    I’m in, I can probably provide a beer sponsor for at least a few kegs of some fine CO microbrew.

    I’d pay $ for a well organized (but not overly organized) event. Allow people freedom for tours during the day. Maybe have some competitions for fun, like a vert competition, best line, ect. Just some ideas. I like the local guide idea too, at least just for some suggestions for objectives in the area and avy info. At night, party down.

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    Sounds good to me. I live in Durango and could give a few ppl a ride from the airport to Silverton to cut down on the costs.

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    The odds of the avy danger being off the hook in april is low. You’d have a greater chance of getting skunked by a navajo dust storm. So there will be splitting. I don’t ride silverton mountain.

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    @hikeforturns wrote:

    The odds of the avy danger being off the hook in april is low. You’d have a greater chance of getting skunked by a navajo dust storm. So there will be splitting. I don’t ride silverton mountain.

    Quoted for truth….and Silverton Mtn. can lick the neath side of my sack.

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    @hikeforturns wrote:

    You’d have a greater chance of getting skunked by a navajo dust storm..

    Happened to us once, red snow.. really?

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    Maybe we should bump it up to the first weekend of unguided which is usually the first weekend in April. My main reason for this is that I believe the people who are coming in from out of state would like to ride at Silverton for one of the three days, TEX excluded, but I want to try to make this event during safer avy conditions. Those of you who are out of state and thinking of attending, please post up some comments. I’ve never been to Silverton during guided season. Mainly because I’m cheap and don’t want to pay $140 for one day plus unless you have your group of 8, you never know what kind of group you will get.

    If a vast majority of people don’t care about riding at Silverton and want to move it up into late March, I think I could be talked into that.

    As far as hiring a local guide, I think unless you have the guide with you on your tour right next you looking at the same line you are about to ride, getting CAIC report and having locals suggest places to ride is the way to go (Notice I did not say it is just as safe). I agree that having a guide would be much safer, but again, others please comment on this.

    This will be clearly stated up front…”This will not be a guided event, everyone must make there own choices, and it is not for beginners etc…”. I understand that part of these events are about learning. I learn something every time I go out, but people also need to understand that this is the great outdoors. We will need to be very clear in the mornings to help people to understand the dangers out there and avalanche level. The other very important dynamic is the group dynamic. My theory is that you must always defer to the most caution one in the group. I agree that at times this is very difficult and I myself struggle with this, but we want this event to last for many years to come (at least that’s my hope and goal) and don’t want any sad stories.

    That being said, I’m not sure how best to help group people together or for that matter, maybe not at all. Any thoughts on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you could post in the “Tips for Setting Up a Splitboard Event” thread: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10766

    Thanks guys for all the great comments and discussion. Please keep it going.

    One parting thought. Maybe we need to ask the question on the sign up sheet “How many splitboard tours have you been on?”. If we get a large number of people who are very new, then maybe we could help setup a truly guided tour so they could be safe and the event could be a good way for them to get there feet wet. However, I just don’t think this will be the case (having lots of new, inexperienced riders).

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    My point in seeking out local avalanche expertise was not meant to make the tours “guided” where individual responsibility would be relegated to the responsibility of a guide. I was trying to point out that the local experts (Avalanche Center in Silverton) have a big advantage in knowing the history of the snowpack in a way that no one from out of town can. Even in spring, knowing the general history of the snowpack can really help. For example, knowing that SE exposures have a slick melt freeze crust between 28 cm and 1 m down could be great to know, as water percolation could make such a layer really dangerous on a sunny day. One might not always find this layer, as snow pits might miss it (if one digs where this layer happens to not exist).
    Because this area often has a complex snowpack, I feel it would be wise to take advantage of this knowledge in a general sense. Something like an a general avalanche situation overview could be presented by one of the local experts, not as a replacement for individual judgement and assessment of specific slopes, but as an adjunct to slope by slope assessments during tours.
    In no way do I want to take away from any individual responsibility and decision making during tours, nor would I want to be “guided” personally.

    Rico in AZ
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    Yup count me in.

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