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    @HikeforTurns wrote:

    Its still 6 weeks out though so here’s to hoping.

    Word to that!

    Also its not Chairlift-fest, its Splitfest! :thumpsup:

    PS: another 8″ yesterday…

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    Any deals on riding silverton mt? Also where else will people be riding down there? Not too familiar with the area…

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    @PedroDelfuego wrote:

    Also its not Chairlift-fest, its Splitfest! :thumpsup:

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    @Rider11 wrote:

    bummed this is closing weekend of Telluride, otherwise myself and many others on the other side of the valley would be in 100%. Any 1 day deals for it going? I can swing 1 day. Would love to meet some more SJ splitboarders but closing weekend is kind of a big deal, plus I’ll be in Silverton for all of April unguided. Bummer as I was all for this from the beginning and all the preliminary dates were much later. Unfortunately this looks like it will be way way to early in the season for riding good terrain. I’ve never seen the mountains shed and slide on every aspect since Monday.

    Let me know what other options exist….thank you for putting this together, it will be amazing

    Hey Rider11,

    It was tough getting the date nailed down. Lots of competing interests and we did our best. Maybe next year it will line up better for you and those riding Telluride. As you know, timing these things is always a gamble. To early, and stability is an issue, wait to long and potentially get the dust layer and not enough snow. Personally, I’d rather have good snow and dial it back than not enough. Since this is our first year, we are trying to keep it simple and do a really go job with what we have going on, so the only option is with or without lodging for the full three days.


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    @RioLeoOne wrote:

    Any deals on riding silverton mt? Also where else will people be riding down there? Not too familiar with the area…

    Hey Rio,

    We are not going to tell you what to ride or where to go. If you would like to ride at Silverton Mountain Ski area, I’m not going to stop you. However, we have not coordinated with them at all and we don’t have any deals with them. I’ve been there several times and the mountain is fun to ride. However, I’ve only been there for unguided and the event weekend is during guided season.

    As for splitboarding terrain, we have Silverton Avalanche School who is going to give a slide show of the greater Silverton/ Red Mountain Pass area and offer suggestions of places to ride and place to keep out of. We want everyone to have a good time and be safe. We are also working with the author of the only guide book for the area and will have a few of his books on hand for people to look at.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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    I updated the post on the homepage for you.

    and FB


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    Thanks Chris. You rock.

    This should be our final cut-off dates and don’t see any reasons it will change.

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    I am also planning on getting maps for groups, and listing some of the tours that I know in the area, uptracks and down tracks for people to help. We will have a good group of locals that will know a lot of terrain and share the beta with you. Depending on the conditions, it will be up to you on what to ride, but you should have enough knowledge and beta to make a smart decision out there. There is a lot of variety out there, as well as plenty of safer areas to ride even with our conditions on higher danger.

    Hope that helps.

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    Shameless thread bump!

    Quick reminder for those last minute folks. Registration will close this weekend. We need to finalize the head count and get the food and beer ordered. To register, email us at silvertonsplitfest (AT symbol) and we will send you all the necessary info.

    I’m surprised that we don’t have any folks coming up from AZ? Calling all Lumberjacks, Scum Devils and Wildcats!

    If your name is not on the list (see here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=11656&start=0) then we don’t know that you are coming.

    Lots of snow in the San Juans and looks like we maybe getting some warmer weather and a break from the snow to get a little bit of layer consolidation.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone and kicking off an annual excuse to ride the San Juans every year!

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    Bumped on the homepage and FB as well. :thatrocks:

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