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    For those who want to attend Silverton Splitfest this year, please register by sending us an email. We will reply with details and get that process going ASAP. We need to get a head count so we know how much food and drinks to get along with reserving the right number of houses. Registration extended to Feb 26th w/ Lodging and March 11th without Lodging. I know some folks need a little more time to figure out work plans.

    Lots of great gear to give away!

    As a reminder:

    March 29th – April 1st

    $160 for lodging and event
    $60 for event (food, drinks, raffle, demos etc)

    3 nights lodging (March 29th – March 31st, Thurs, Friday and Saturday night)

    Free Companion rescue class by Silverton Avalanche School

    Catered food for Friday and Saturday night

    Beer provided by Ska and Ourayle House Breweries!

    Raffle: Venture Splitboard, loads of other gear.

    Slide show by Jarrett Luttrell.

    Splitboard Demos: Venture, Winterstick, Chimera

    Look forward to seeing you there!

    Link to full details:


    silvertonsplitfest (AT symbol)

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    I sent an email to that address last week and still haven’t gotten a reply. I am definately interested.

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    Hey Adam,

    I just sent you an email with registration details. Sorry for the delay. We have be busy finishing up a few items.


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    Hi keffler,

    We shoulda hooked up at the show! Send over any info and I can update the info here:

    I need to add the flyer too.


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    Hey Chris,

    I didn’t find out until the last minute that I was able to get in. We have a great set of sponsors! Dan at FlyLow got me a pass and I was able to walk around and meet more people. BTW, meeting people in person at SIA makes it way easier to pick up sponsors. Most of the emails we sent off when we were just getting started seem to go into a blackhole.

    I updated the post in the Event section, but let me know if you want it in a different format.

    I’m just wondering when someone from a major magazine/newspaper is going to write a story about all the splitfest going on around the US and Canada. Maybe has already happened and I just missed it.

    For those of you thinking about attending, these events are loads of fun. Find one near you and have a blast.



    I really want to go. Sounds like I’ll probably have to head down alone. Anyone interested in carpooling from Denver? I can drive (2012 Tacoma 4door) and probably take 2 or 3 more passengers. It’d be nice to meet some more local splitters too.

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    Peeps… Keep your heads and asses in check down there in Silverton. We got an early season scare, and with the long draught followed by a heavy load… I’d imagine there are some lurking layers.

    Make sure to buy Bushy lots of shots, and punch him in the balls :thatrocks:

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    @SPLITRIPPIN wrote:

    Make sure to buy Bushy lots of shots, and punch him in the balls

    Please no, I don’t enjoy those things. 🙂

    Our snowpack should hopefully settle quite a bit by the end of March. The good thing is that there is snow everywhere! And this event will be a great time, looking forward to everyone whos coming and meeting some new splitters from other places. Huge thanks to all our sponsors and Keffler for keeping this thing on track at the same time having a child. He’s a rock star.

    Powder alert for this weekend as well! I say keep it coming and squash all that facet crap!

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    MountainDog, I know a few people coming from the front range area. I have some friends coming from Fort Collins that I can put you in contact with. When we get closer and registration is in, we can probably get a better feel and get you in contact with the areas for carpools. Thanks for the stoke, we’ll be in touch.

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    I’m possibly (want to) going. Still have to get confirmation on schedule before I can commit…

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    Some Swag from BCA for the raffle arrived!

    Two weeks left to sign up!!!

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    Great news!!!!

    We picked up two more sponsors!

    G3 and Gecko Skins. We will have skins from each of them in the raffle and working on having some skins available for the demo boards or possibly just to demo on your board.

    :clap: :guinness: :guinness: Also, did I mention that Beer provided by Ska and Ourayle House Breweries! :guinness: :guinness: :clap:

    spruce cabin
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    Looks like a 1st class event!
    Wish I could make it. (We have a baby due around then…)
    Hope to catch you all next year!
    Shred deeply.

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    Bumping this for anyone who is interested in attending Silverton Splitfest. We are trying to close registration this week, so if you want to be a part of this, let us know!

    We have a ton of gear to raffle off to all entrants, including a Venture Splitboard, BCA Stash pack, 2 pairs of G3 skins, and more to come.

    We also have beer from Ska and Ourayle House! Should be a great event to come out and meet new splitters and check out new areas!

    And we are going to have a ton of demos from Chimera, Winterstick, and Venture (including next years boards, and the Euphoria!)

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    More swag for the raffle! Big thanks to G3!

    Newbie are welcome as we just got in contact with Southwest Adventure Guides. Andrew over there wrote the only guide book in the area.

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    Quick update on split demos from Pete at Winterstick:

    Hi John –

    We’ll do a split Swallowtail and Split Tom Burt Pro [for demo].


    I guess Hikeforturns is going to be missing his left nut in the trade.

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    bummed this is closing weekend of Telluride, otherwise myself and many others on the other side of the valley would be in 100%. Any 1 day deals for it going? I can swing 1 day. Would love to meet some more SJ splitboarders but closing weekend is kind of a big deal, plus I’ll be in Silverton for all of April unguided. Bummer as I was all for this from the beginning and all the preliminary dates were much later. Unfortunately this looks like it will be way way to early in the season for riding good terrain. I’ve never seen the mountains shed and slide on every aspect since Monday.

    Let me know what other options exist….thank you for putting this together, it will be amazing

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    The good times just keep coming!

    We pick up another sponsor! Deeluxe Boots! They will be bring some of next year’s boots and some lucky person will be winning a new pair of boots.

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    We have extended the registration to Feb 26th for those wanting lodging included. After that, people can still register up until March 11th. Hope this helps some of you who need more time to figure out work schedules. Look forward to a great event.

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    @Rider11 wrote:

    Unfortunately this looks like it will be way way to early in the season for riding good terrain. I’ve never seen the mountains shed and slide on every aspect since Monday.

    Isnt Telluride lift served? 😉

    This season has definitely been a sketchy one. Its still 6 weeks out though so here’s to hoping.

    Dibs on a run with the Winterstick Swallowtail. :headbang:

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