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    Anyone ridden at Silverton?

    My sweetie and I have reservations to go mid-March and are VERY excited. They have been getting record snow and the terrain looks super steep and spicy. I guess it’s all hike-to terrain and they say not to bring the splitty 🙁

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone has been and if they might offer some suggestions (which guides, etc.)…

    Also, Tahoe got pooped on this weekend!

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    Hopefully you don’t get the ‘tude that several friends of mine have gotten there. The terrain is no doubt killer and they have abundant snowfall. I believe that having a split there is not needed. Bootpacks should be a plenty. I would still bring the split though. There is killer backcountry off of the pass. At $130 a day for Silverton, it gets a little pricey during guided season. Plenty of fantastic free terrain to access out there. Just bring your avy eyes and see if you can hookup with a local.

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    I have ridden at Silverton mtn about 9 times so far this year. I hit it every weekend when they were unguided and the snow and terrain is world class. I got 11 runs in 1 days and that was with some hiking. When going guided only expect about 5 runs, maybe 6 if you are lucky. Those are killer runs though, anything from tight trees to open bowls. Eveything is STEEP too.
    Awesome mountains and it feels like backcountry because it is… go and enjoy !!

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    I’ve been twice and its a really good time. you won’t need the split, its all boot packing.


    I’ll actually be there this coming Sunday (Feb 10) for a guided day, should be epic after the last couple big storms. And the weather is looking great, 30 and sunny!

    I’m intrigued by the BC options near there, possibly for Monday morning before we drive back. Anyone know where to find more info about the “real” backcountry around Silverton — you know, the free kind?

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    i spent two days at silverton the end of last feb. if you’re only riding silverton, no split is needed. all bootpack. however, there is more than a lifetime of terrain right there so if you have extra time definately bring the splitty and explore. the mountain itself is big and steep. figure four to six run per day depending on where the guides take you. you can get right off the lift and have great terrain or hike for hours… if Mike Barney aka Barney is there, he was an excellent guide and very friendly. be prepared for some cold weather. one of the days i was there it was about negative 6 with 50- 60 mph winds on the ridge. frostbite was in action! my last run there was in some super steep trees with nipple deep pow. no complaints! here is a link to my pictures from the trip.


    Barney. Gotcha.

    I’m bringing my NS Legacy and my Mojo, though I may wind up riding the Mojo the whole time because I blew an edge on the Legacy yesterday. We’ll see what the repair looks like.

    I’m thinking we won’t be driving home Sunday night, just because we’ll be beat and it’s a good 6 hours back. So my guess is we’ll stay there Sunday night, get up Monday, go hit a few lines, and then roll home.

    Does anyone know of any routes near Silverton that don’t require lift access, and are bootpacked? Anything that can be hitched? I’ll be able to skin, but my buddy has standard alpine skis and no skins. He’s down for hiking though.

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    Thanks for all the great info & pics, folks. I used to live in Boulder and have been to Silverton a couple times before to go backpacking or ice climbing, but never to ride. So excited!!!!

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    Yeah, go to the top of Red Mtn pass and go crazy.. Awesome terrain up there. You can hitch from the Ouray side.
    Other options are to go to the Gladstone mine pickup area for Silverton mtn and get up into those bowls above it.
    Have fun.


    Silverton has been snowed in twice in as many weeks. Just got back home from there and had to stop in Durango because we couldnt get out of town. Its deep. Real deep.

    Snowpack is SKETCHY down there, so if you venture into the BC around there be CAREFUL. Molass Pass is much safer in high avy conditions from the summit, and is definetely worth bringing the split.

    Good luck getting down there. Red Mtn Pass is still closed from Sunday.


    Yeah, we’re not looking to get in too deep, just someplace to get a few laps on before heading out of town — I’m thinking something off or near the road, hopefully tracked up a bit so we know where we’re going. If such a thing exists.

    I’d love to skin a couple runs but I doubt my buddy’s going to go for that. I’m after him to get an AT setup for the trip, but no chance.

    Here’s hoping that the pass is open by Saturday night! If not, we’ll go the long way ’round. But the weather down that way should be pretty good the rest of the week, not even that windy. Fingers crossed.

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    Silverton is SIIIICK.

    Bring the split! There is plenty of BC around there.

    However, like the others said, have some contingency in place for a few extra days if your stranded.

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    Be careful though, the avy danger is very high. Go to the CAIC report at

    So much snow and wind it is getting pretty nasty up there.

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