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    I head a rumor that not only is BCRider going to a ski resort this weekend but also he may try telemarking. 😯

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    you know I can delete this thread and destroy all the evidence dont you? 😉

    no really.
    This will be a great way for me to support the local avy center and spend some time on the slopes with the Mrs. I thought I might try tele for a few laughs and to show those guys that it really isnt as hard as they like to think it is. 🙂


    Whats wrong with Teleskiing Knucklesplitter?

    Well , it could be because it is difficult to get real good at it. I mean there are not that many good Telle skiers , that pass me by on the hill….On my 182 Voile…..

    I wonder

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    I dunno. I heard of a splitboarder once who tried tele and blew out his knee. Come to think of it… he lived near downtown Reno… and he surfed some too. Hmmm…

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    I am in the same boat, splitter learning to tele, but I did alpine for roughly 16 years, and don’t plan on letting go of my split any time soon.

    A couple words of advice: “RELEASABLE BINDINGS!” Voile CRB’s or 7TM’s.


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    I HAVE to ski for while, until I get a replacement slider track for my splitboard (I fractured it at the steel pin hole while “skinning”).

    Luckily I have a pair of Crossbows 163 with Diamirs on them sitting in the closet, and already have the AT boots. I have only used them twice at the ski area, but I have no intention of letting this stand in the way of me going big. 😆

    I figure, if I want to be soulful and cool, I will splitboard. So there goes the main reason to tele. AT skis, on the other hand, are hands down the most reliable ski mountaineering tool, and potentially much lighter than either tele or splitboard. (And I don’t need new boots.)

    However my opinion of teleskiing may be biased. My first and only day on tele skis consisted of hauling some too-long Dynastar Bigs up to Camp Muir in the spring, and trying to ski down in mank slush in battered T-Races a half-size too large…

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    @knucklesplitter wrote:

    I head a rumor that not only is BCRider going to a ski resort this weekend but also he may try telemarking. 😯


    The cat is out of the bag! 🙂

    I tried tele a couple years ago and it was fun. I skiied alpine for years but this was totally different. I found that I could turn well in one direction (the one that felt like a toeside snowboard turn), and was a spaz the other direction.

    affix snow
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    Splitboarding/snowboarding is and always will be my 1st love, but I TELEMARK and FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!! Closing thing to snowboarding (IMHO) feeling wise…very surfy/fluid motions.

    I Quit skiing to snowboard when i was 12. Never looked back until 3 seasons ago when i got into tele as something NEW to do in Pennsylvania. I totally fell in love and now own 3 different pair of tele skis. I split my time between Riding and Telemarking. You see, snowboarding in PA sucks. So i ski cause its new, fun, and a challenge. When i go North or West i ALWAYS snowboard….make sense?

    BCR…GO FOR IT! Its fun and i thought it was easy. Fuck all you Naysayers. 😀

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    Bump for a tele TR from BCR…

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    One Love

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    Yeah…. I tried Telleing for a while… decided to give it up when I fell and after the mayham had stopped I realized that one ski was pointing one way and the other, and my ankle felt like it was doing all kinda things that couldnt be good for it. Figured there had to be a better way to acces the back country… enter the splitboard… and there was much rejoicing (Yay). Not to mention telle skiing is like the new fad here in CO, meanwhile everyone still looks at my split board and is iether like… woh dont see those often or what the hell is that thing.

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    i have to stop at one beer at lunch when i tele, or else i’m over the handlebars on every 3rd turn. i give thanks that you can parallel turn when you need to.

    i was using my 1990 195 Mickey Mouse K2s (ProStaff VO bottoms) with the MRR bindings and the yellow Langes with my lady at the resort (i USED to look cool), but then i went through ebay and got the tele setup (now i look EARTHY).

    i just can’t board the resorts unless there’s been at least a foot of new snow the night before. i am one spoiled mofo, but hardpack + snowboard = sh#$e

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    Fix the heel. Fix the problem 😆

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