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    Hey all CA & NV kiters or aspiring kiters… There’s a snowkite specific resort operating near Sugar Bowl on Lake Van Norden –
    Due to the poor snow coverage this season, they haven’t been able to open yet, but if we get some more storms soon, it should be on. The wind is best in the mornings, but depending on the overall weather pattern in the Sierras, it can be windy at different points or during the whole day. This is great spot for learning or if you’re into freestyle or race kiting due to the flat terrain. Tyler who runs the center is a great guy and talented kiter. Stay tuned to see if they open up this season. :thumbsup:
    Note: No affiliation. I’m just a snowkiter paying it forward.


    Good stuff, Yoda.

    Is there good terrain there other than the flat stuff? I live in Maine, snowkite a lot in different terrain here but would love to hit the big mountains. Next winter I’ll be out west for a while and I may be lucky enough to go the Alps later this spring…..

    Seems like splitboarding and kiting go well together, but not much activity in this group. Maybe folks are keeping their spots secret?? Just kidding!


    JT – I can’t answer for the Sierra. Never kited there but The entirety of Central Montana through Eastern Idaho & Western/Central Wyoming down into Central Utah offers up spectacular options through the winter. Some is bile or skin access(lazy assed kiters are typically prone to bile options) . There are tons of roadside park & ride options in the area as well. All we care about is terrain. Best timing is mid-January – late March. We are having an all-time epic winter with nearly record snowpacks even down into the valleys this year – next year – who knows? Avy dangers have been gruesome in many good B/C places so kiting has been a perfect alternative. The kiter crew is solid & core into it & always happy to show off the goods.

    1 important caveat – know that you will need to travel for best kite options out here. Best wind/snow options vary day-day and a 200 mile drive to get the best isn’t unusual. Flexibility is key. Many great kite options are really close to great backcountry terrain for those that want to mix it up. So far I’m about the only kiter I know that likes to split into B/C + kite. Get ahold of me if you come out west – always happy to share beta.


    Oh man, that sounds great. I have a b/c tele buddy in Wilson WY, definitely planning to be there mid-February of next year. He’s not a kiter tho. I will PM you…. thanks.


    JT – some other good sources for you:

    Since you’ll be in Wilson this crew is great. Probably some of the best snowkiters in the world + a solid crew of variable skilled folks: Join their group – they are always willing to help folks know where its best in the JH area. There are so many options around Jackson Hole you may never want to leave that area.

    If you venture into Montana give this group a shout & there will be numerous folks to help give you beta for whatever days you’re around: We have a get together every year during Presidents Day weekend called the Montana Snowkite Rodeo. It’s held near Jackson, MT in the Big Hole Valley & is a great way to meet a bunch of the MT kiter crew & is a great time. No competition, just great terrain, hot springs & contraband in a spectacular Montana valley.

    The thing you’ll find about kiting in MT & WY is that most everyone is great about welcoming folks to their spots. No crowds, just great stoke all around. Not sure why but it seems like all kite communications are done via facetard any more. Oh well :banghead:

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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