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    I still have Bomber SideWinder split bindings and Dynafit toes, but the Phantoms look nice.
    I can’t figure out where or how to purchase the Phantoms. I don’t do FaceBook.

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    Email John will get back to you on purchasing / inquiries. He does small orders as of last year, and I’m not 100% sure what he is going to do this year.

    His bindings are stellar. Certainly the best offering for hardboot bindings.

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    I’ll send him an email.

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    Sidewinders or Phantoms?

    Phantoms, hands down. Personally, I think they’re a no-brainer over any binding system out there, hard or soft, but let’s not start that argument again.

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    No splitboard AT boot binding can compare that uses the Voile slider and pucks.

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    Phantoms! So quick, so light and great feel to the board…

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    I got ahold of John at Phantom, and will be on a pair this Fall.
    Easy decision.
    Thanks for the feedback.

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    As if the question even needed to be asked.

    Be sure to bookmark's Recent Activity page...

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    Bomber Sidewinder’s are a great HB splitboard binding. My only compliant is that these bindings are heavy!

    No splitboard AT boot binding can compare that uses the Voile slider and pucks.


    That said, I too would like to get next year’s Phantoms.

    I have not tried the Phantoms, yet. But if the Phantoms ride like my stock Burton Race Plates on a solid board, then they must be the HB binding to get.

    John, if your looking to sell the Sidewinders in the Fall, send me a PM. I too live in the Roaring Fork Valley.

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    I’ll try both, yes the sidewinders are heavy, but they are in the pack uphill.

    Powder Rider, I’ll le you know this fall if I am going to part with the sidewinders.

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