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    I’m new to the hardboot world. I purchased a set of Sidewinder bindings, and Scarpa F3 boots. When I clip the boots into the bindings, I get about 1/8-1/4″ of slop between the heel welt and the heel wire of the binding. Is this a problem, and can I fix it? Thanks in advance.


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    The sidewinders are originally designed for a Snowboard Hardboot which has a higher heel (welt)than an AT Boot. I purchased my Sidewinders at the BomberOnline Shop in Silverthorne. Finn used a ginder to lower the rear lower the heel bale. I ride an F1 boot. Rather than tell how this fix was done. Contact Bomber Online and ask Finn to help you with the fix.

    BTW the Sidewinders have improved the ride of my Venture Storm 09/10 splitboard.

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    Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll send him an e-mail. I’m actually mounting the bindings on the same board. Psyched to get the HB setup on the snow!

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