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    For some time I been thinking about how to improve the medial flex of my AT boots.
    While it is fairly easy to dial in the forward lean in a hardboot (AT Boot). Many still want that surfy feeling compare to which compare with softboots. [noting the surf-ness of a hardboot was covered in another thread]
    For many years I rode the two buckle Burton MegaFlex MGX Snowboard Boots (same boot offered as Salty Peaks). I can attest these boots had the same surfy feeling of softboots and were very similar to the Scarpa F1s, which I ride now. The difference is the MGX boots had a Side Flex Adjustment on side of shell which allowed for a positive and negative medial flex.
    Burton MGX boot had an adjustable slot on the outboard side hinge pivot of the upper boot cuff. This. The medial flex adjustment could be tighten down or loosen allowing to allow for the desired medial flex. The Flexion is at the ankle where the leg axis moves along from tip to tail of the snowboard.
    The advantage here is one could loosen the Side Flex knob for riding and tighten back to knob for touring.
    Two Buckle Burton MegaFlex MBX Boot

    Also later models had the side flex adjustment. But these boots shown below where much stiffer.

    Three Buckle Buckle Burton MegaFlex MBX Boot

    Note how the shell cuff the is cut as well. Allows for a lot of side to side movement.

    If anyone comes across a pair of these MGX boots for cheap. it might be worth taking the adjustment side flex knob (and/or the boot cuff) and modify onto one’s AT boots.

    How much medial flexion of the at the ankle do you like in your boots for freeriding? Please state in positive and negative degree angles.

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    I couldn’t tell ya degree of med/lat angle from freeing up the hinge lock, But I’ve ridden UPZs, maker of the MGX same shells, Raichle snowboarders,(2buckle version of their AT boot) which have both hinges slotted for flex but unlockable, and I love my Nordica SBH which are a TR9 AT boot but with slotted hinges, the out side hinge locks like the upz/mgx
    My sb series Raichle SB alpine boots also have slotted hinge holes which I leave loose for powder/bumps/trees and tighten down for Hard carving. The locking mech is a tricky thing build properly and they tend to wear out.
    IMHO giving the cuff med/lat flex is a must for “surfiness” but the option to lock it out is great for split skiing or icy sidehills. The raichle snowboarders have the most flex but are way heavier than newer ATs, the SBH shells, though 20yrs old are only a bit heavier and paired w/ light modern touring flex liners hold their own.
    Soon as I win a 100mil$$ lottery we’ll start a boot co. and the surfy sloppy softbooters as wel as the frootboot crowd will get what they want in a split specific boot,

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