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    Saturday we hit up Sh*t for brains Couloir.. Its a nice couloir on Loveland Pass and tempts or scares many of the folks who can see it from the A-basin lifts. It looks super burly from some vantage points, but its not too bad once you get going up it. Conditions were not pristine, but decent in spots on most of the run, but the light was flat. Heres a few photos.

    approach shots

    We caught up to another group near midway just before they turned around

    snow was firm and then wallowy in others, but we perservered to the top til it was windblown rock

    going down

    crux shots

    A good day out was had by all

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    Right on dude.

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    Good work. I climbed it in late May last year and by then it had literally gone to shit (the crux was practically an icefall). I suspected it was more of an April powder line, and you’ve confirmed. Hope you didn’t duck back into A-Basin and get harassed and threatened by the Fifth Reich Ski Patrol.

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