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    I’m riding a 165 NS Raptor that my buddy did an awesome job splitting for me now. With all the new short/fat powder boards it got me thinking about using them in the backcountry. I’ll probably never ride a board like this at a resort just because I think they would be horrible once things get a little tracked out (basically after the first run of the day). In the backcountry where you’re only getting 3 or 4 runs in and there’s a lot more untouched snow they might be amazing though, especially for maneuverability in tight trees. Does anyone make a short/fat factory split yet? Something like the Yes 20/20? How do you think they would skin with a 210lb guy on a 150-155cm board?

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    The one concern I would have is skinning with a board that’s 280mm at the waist? There’s a couple skis out there that are 135+ under foot but has anyone skinned with anything this fat before?

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    I skin a 28cm waist board; no problem touring. I prefer it riding, but I have Mondo 30 boots. People with smaller feet have complained about the lack of leverage over boards that are wider through the middle.


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    I just bought a Burton Spliff, it’s the only factory short/fat that I know of…. and it looks like they stopped making it this year. It only comes in a 148 which might be a tad small for you, I weigh ~165ish. Pretty good deal on it at the house if your interested.

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    Black Diamond have a split skin (not for split boards)

    The idea is if you are not concerned with getting more traction (as is the case with fat skis), you can cut a normal skin in half and sew in a light weight fabric to give you carpet near your edges (for sidehilling) without weight and cost.

    Not wide enough for a 28 cm board, but you could mod the shit outta yer skins!

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    Hey Mooney – any thoughts on the Spliff yet? tempted to pick one up, but debating between the 148 spliff and a 59 landlord

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    TahoeLab puts out a short and fat split as well.


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    member Huck Pitueee is the undisputed authority on this subject. 158 by 31, have a look:

    Oh yes it happened!! October 7th split day.

    check out his 135cm in that thread, insane!

    I believe the split skins start at 160cm wide.

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    Hovercraft. Not as wide underfoot as you are talking but the nose is where you really want your width for untouched anyway. The 160 is still 26.4 at the waist and the 156 is 26. I personally wouldn’t want a board any wider, especially in the trees where edge to edge quickness is important. It’s all personal preference tho and someone with a bigger foot would probably do fine. Like Taylor was saying, my size 9 boot doesn’t get enough leverage on boards that are much wider and the board ends up feeling super sluggish edge to edge.

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