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    Hey all,

    Here’s the set up, and issue – hoping someone can help….

    – boot size UK 11, Salomon Malamutes
    – board size is a Jones solution split.
    – bindings are Karaks.

    The problem is heel overhang, and i need to look at getting a new pair of boots with a shorter profile sole than my 4 year old Malamutes.

    There’s no way to ‘slide’ these Kara bindings ‘forward’ to reduce heel overhang, and I am not prepared to change my riding angles….

    So my massive question to you all is…which boots out there have a ‘shorter’ sole length, because I need to find some!!

    And if anyone has any suggestions on how to ‘fix’ the karas..that would also be great.

    Many thanks all,


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    Forgot to add, the board is a wide model.



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    Anyone got any info..?


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    My feet are smaller than yours but I don’t remember my old Malamutes as being abnormally long sole wise (I bet they are in the normal range). 11’s aren’t that huge, plenty of folks have hooves that big or larger and make it work. If you could adjust your binders towards the toe that would likely solve your problem (especially with a wide jones). You might look at switching out the binders.

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    thanks dave,

    have done all the adjustments i can on the bindings…

    i think i will get rid of them and pick up a pair of sparks ABs…


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    What size bindings do you have? You should be able to get your boots centered if you have the right size binding for your boot.

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    bindings are an L, and boots are UK 11.

    i have done all the micro adjustments i can do on the Karakorams (heel cup, baseplate etc) – and there’s still heel over hang that causes boot out on slopes / hard pack.

    options are:

    1. change boots, but i can’t find a pair with a ‘shorter’ sole length.
    2. sell the K’s, and pick up a pair of ABs & grab some of those Prowder binding saddles so i can’t ensure a perfect fit. Selling the K’s should ensure this actually costs me almost ‘nothing’, so it’s my preferred option – also i love the Malamute boots, so this will allow me to keep them.

    Any insight into these ideas / equipment would be great…



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