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    Yesterday was all time on Shasta. I drove up from Reno with rughty (Ken). The mountain received well over a foot up high. Everything down low was perfectly smoothed out. Bunny flat is about a 20 minute walk to skinable snow. Storm came in from the SW but finished with strong north winds. Avy gulch had the best skinning conditions I’ve seen or could have imagined. Like a smooth sidewalk down low and perfect dense pow up high. Easy skinning all the way to thumb rock! Winds were nuking the whole day though and at times you’d almost get knocked off your feet. High wind chills even with the strong June sun. Trinity/Red banks had fantastic dense, winter pow. The line off the top of Misery hill down into Kowokiton looked all time too. It would have been a perfect day to hit that! 3k feet of perfect pow to upper Mud Cr. The winds slowly died down as we got higher and they finally almost came to an end the moment we were strapping in. It was like someone turn a switch off. As soon as we dropped there wasn’t a breath in the trinities and you could feel the sun starting to do it’s thing. Any later and the snow would have been affected. We only saw 7 skiers. 5 hit left of heart and 2 through the red banks. We had trinities to ourselves!

    I wish I had taken some pics of the wind coming off Trinities and Thumb Rock earlier in the morning. but it was easier to take pictures with the wind looking down lol. My hands would instantly freeze when I took my glove off. It was probably a sustained 40-60mph north wind up high in the morning with huge snow streamers coming off the top of Trinities loading up upper Avy gulch with fresh snow. Luckily the snow was stable even in wind loaded areas.

    I had lowered my expectations driving up until we saw this!:

    Ken topping out hill before Helen Lake. The wind was nuuuking in this picture:

    The skin track and boot tracks lasted about 5 minutes before they disappeared:

    I used my split crampons up higher although you didn’t really need them. It was perfect snow for them though. You couldn’t notice any drag but you could feel the extra bite to make the skin super enjoyable:

    Middle Trinity chute. The skiers left one looked perfect too. The right one (the one that’s dropped the most) had lots of exposed chicken heads. Perfect fast windbuffed all the way to just above Helen Lake. I made the fastest turns I’ve ever made on Shasta!

    Getting ready in the cold wind:

    Ken coming into the main gut of the chute. (he only dropped with his axe cuz he forgot to put it away and you had to scootch over some steep frozen chickenheads to get in anyway) He was on my Winterstick ST I’ve neglected to ride this year. He loved it!


    Holy shit, can;t beleive you guys are still getting ’em in the bag this late, this season.

    Great TR!

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    Furberg Snowboards
    Black Diamond

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    Looking good BG


    just for the record…the volcanoes are still gaining snowpack at high elevations

    good job on the shasts!

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    BG besides that being the sickest thing I’ve ever seen in June… How are you not going to post your mandatory vid w/ ISIS as the music to the day.

    Outstanding work boys :thatrocks:

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    Chris, 3′ since Monday and another 2′ between now and Saturday! :headbang:

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    Sick Pow!!

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    as ken would say, RAD!

    let me know if you guys head to shasta again… i’ve got northern CA in my sights for this summer.

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    Rad for sure… I am heading back to film for triad over fathers day weekend (Fri-Sun). You should come out. I’ll have a chimera board to try out too. Super stoked for that.
    Yeah, the winterstick kicked ass on that terrain. Modified Mr chomps handled it quite well on the up and worked flawlessly on the protos. Best day on shasta yet!!!

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    I love it! Killer Brothers! Why is Shasta so awesome? Hmmm. I can think of a million reasons, and your photos all resemble them.

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    Beautiful photos!

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    Sweeeet! The way the new snow stuck to the rocks looks sick.

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    Sick! Way to get it in prime conditions…..

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    Nice get. I was ready to bag the season until I saw the coating from that last storm. Saw the winds moving all the snow onto the south aspects that morning on the way to work and got real itchy to call in sick…wish I would have.

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    I’m stoked for you guys, but I’m starting to get a little jealous of all the late season pow brooks has been scoring the last 3 seasons…..thanks for lending me some vicarious stoke! Nice work guys.

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    Very nice work! :rock: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

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    so sweet! i’ve only been to shasta twice (once in each of the last two seasons) and it was great both times! all corn though…would love to hit it in pow.

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    Stoked, Shasta is an awesome hit!

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    i had to login for the 1st time in a year just to say that was the AWESOME!!!!! wish i coulda made it happen.

    you got to go to hell before you get to heaven. relentless winds on that mtn tend to drive me a little mentally taxed. great score again man!!! :doobie:

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