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    this memorial weekend was quite memorable.

    day 1 – met up with dan (ltdanp21) drove almost all night in holiday weekend traffic to get up to shasta. it thinned out by about 12am, and we arrived sometime after 4am. plan was to have a mellow day and check out a new area. we crashed for a bit before heading up to check out the old ski bowl area. hard to believe there used to be a lift up there. that must have been sweet!

    snowmobiles are allowed in this area so if you have one go get it. if you dont like em dont go here. im indifferent mostly so since i dont own one we had to skin in.

    the west face with avy gulch and on the right is the old ski bowl

    with all the space ships round shasta dan thought it best to prevent them aliens from reading his mind.
    the climbing rangers suggested that foil would do the trick.

    skinning up the last section. we skinned right from bunny flat but instead of going up and over the ridge we followed the road to panther meadow and directly up the draw into the bowl. started at 6900 and stopped about 11,900.

    couple riding shots of dan. it was perfect conditions. good corn and beautiful weather.
    nice to be on shasta making some turns.

    after the riding was done we split skied back to the car and met up with brooks (bgnight). he was there to meet up with us and ride the diller canyon, which was the objective for day 2.

    shastina in the early morn.

    i dont have any pictures but it was the worst road ever! must have been about 93 miles of logging roads with mandatory rock crawling and some sections with very overgrown manzanita. we got lost a few times too and almost gave up (note my sarcastic tone)

    the approach into the canyon was also the worst ever. we had to chwack through some 18 ft high manzanita as well as deal with the occasional sasquatch and lemurian. strange happenings for sure. once in the canyon its 5000 feet of this —>

    thats dan skinning and brooks elected to boot it.

    another amazing day of weather and conditions!

    the snow along the way was peppered with rocks, small and large. rockfall here is a pretty major hazard.


    couple thousand feet of half pipe. diller canyon is one amazing place.
    so happy to get this one done, and hopefully return again and again!

    the last pitch to the summit of shastina

    dan on the summit

    views from the summit:

    northwest face of shasta

    west face. quite a few climbers on this route this past memorial wknd.
    this one looks like a nice long line i would like to go back and ride sometime.

    inside the summit crater

    and now for the diller canyon riding shots:


    brooks line shopping

    next couple are all brooks





    3rd day the plan was to go to the clear creek area on the south side and possibly summit, which i knew was crazy talk but it sounded good 😀 that TH is 2 miles out right now.

    we got a 4am start so we would have a remote chance of making the summit, even though it would be an 8000ft climb after already having two big days.

    well brooks just wasnt feeling it so he turned around and headed home.
    this is what came into view just after brooks left us. note the giant group of climbers.

    dan’s skins were way too new. we had to muck em up a bit.

    that snowband you can see in the trees was our approach route. it wasnt so bad really.

    some cauliflower heads as jimw calls them

    when we got to this it was sometime after 2pm and we still had over 2k ft if we were going to summit.

    so we decided to turn around and ride. after all it was still about 6k ft back to the TH.
    some riding shots of dan.

    once i realized the summit was out of reach i had wanted to go to this route, climb clear creek and ride down wintun ridge route, but that never happened either.

    on the way out we noticed this fresh large natural wet slide.

    south side has some amazing terrain

    :thumpsup: :thumpsup: :thumpsup: :thumpsup: :thumpsup: :thumpsup: :thumpsup:

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    Awesome trip guys :bow:

    I probably passed you on the 5 while heading down to the bay area!

    That west face ride IS awesome, and outside of memorial day, it’s not usually nearly as crowded as Avy Gulch.

    This is my favorite pic….I dream of the eddy’s frequently:

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    Saw these guys on way to Shasta:

    Dave coming out to Bunny flat on day 1:

    I can’t believe we finally made it into the canyon at this point. The insanely confusing maze of roads, constantly getting high centered w/ 2 flat tires, and finally trying to push/navigate 20ft tall manzanita was enough of an adventure for me!

    Biggest air of the day!

    I know why Dave wanted to hit Diller so bad. It’s a 4 thousand foot left break!

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    Great stuff guys! :thatrocks: Wish I would have been around to join you…although the approach sounds like :banghead: … 😉

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
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    Nice work. Looks like a big weekend!

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    Looks good guys. Glad you had some fun. um…looks kinda soft in the pics, what’s w/ riding and airing it out w/ the ice axe? 😕

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    Sweet! Shasta looks so fun – I need to get down there sooner or later. Thanks for the report :thumpsup:

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    This was a great trip. I am gainfully employed on the east coast now so this will be my last split trip for awhile. Great way to go out though. Great riding with you both!

    Day 1 up Bunny Flats.

    Dave skinning up Bunny Flats:

    Shot of the ‘bilers Dave mentioned:

    Some Great shots of Dave on the way down:

    Day 2 up to Shastina.

    Dave and Brooks boot-cramponing:

    Brooks atop the final ridge to the summit:

    The summit:

    Dave bouldering at 12,500′:

    Brooks ready to ride and getting cold waiting for Dave to stop snapping photos:

    Didn’t get many good riding shots this day. Here’s one. Brooks is the little dot on the ridge:

    Day 3 riding the Southeast side.

    Skinning. Decent view of snow conditions. This stuff softened up and ended up being pretty fun to ride:

    Dave shredding the bumps:

    We ended up on opposite sides of a long rock band:

    Last turns of the trip:

    Have fun next weekend!

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    Thanks for the report… Diller Canyon looks awesome. Hey! A new smiley choice!!

    :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco: :disco:

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