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    Looking at the PNWs pornographic snow pack I think us east siders and oaklanders and Tahoeites should do Shasta in may and then keep driving North for a couple of fun filled days.

    Two Question : Who’s In and Who’s hosting?

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    I’ll likely have some time to kill, though I prefer midweek excursions. But,the right weekend could work for me. I’d be going up that way right now, but can’t find a riding partner.

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    The next time I can bail for a week I’ll let you guys know….. 🙄 .

    Might be a while……………. 😆

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    Sounds like an excellent plan… but I ‘m not sure if I can swing that much more time off. I assume WA will still be getting huge powder dumps in July so we have plenty of time to come up with a plan. 🙄

    Or maybe since Shasta’s looking kind boney up top already we could just bypass Shasta on the way north.

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    I am looking at Shasta Memorial Day weekend. Does that fit with anyone elses plans?

    Oh, and I’ll bring the extra helmets. 😉


    Jon Dahl
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    Shasta is bony at the top, and I got an inch of fresh at my house Sunday AM at 70 feet above sea level?? Something is just wrong with this picture….wish I could come and play if you all get up this way. Pray I get my new deck done!! 😆

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    @Shep wrote:

    Oh, and I’ll bring the extra helmets. 😉

    Ya won’t need any extra’s if you make it to the kootenay’s…but yer welcome to come touring anyway 😉

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    My place is pretty far from most riding and pretty small for hosting, but if there is a group coming, I will certainly try to find some camping or lodging. My schedule is fairly flexible with a slight bit of notice. Best I can tell is that it is still snowing in the Olympics and parts of the Cascades. If you look at the TR from ale_capone, we might have a little bit of snow left in some remote stashes.

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    It’s mid-winter up here right now…come up for spring in august 😈

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    I was researching Rainier descents on the interwebs today so I must be in 🙂

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    If your only criteria is altitude than shasta IS thin at the upper elevations…but at about 9k feet and below it’s normal to above normal snowpack. There’s still a ton of good riding on shastas flanks and will be well into the summer IMHO. Also, all the Castle lake/ Eddy areas have above normal snow.

    I personally will be attempting a shasta summit with shasta mountain guides the 16th-18th. I’m planning on scoring some sick corn 🙂


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    I am envious and will be looking forward to the TR’s. It is me and my wifes goal when the kids get older to use our summer’s off (teachers) to head up to Adams, Hood, the Twins, and Shasta and then continue down to San Clemente (S. Cali) where I grew up and spend some time surfing. We will be the modern day Palchowitz family. One year my wife and took a trip up the coast of Oregon, we were on the coast highway driving through some thick forest with a cool river on the right and the ocean on the left but out of sight. We saw some guys with surfboards headed down for the beach. We thought that’s crazy so we pulled over and headed down the trail they went down. It ended up in this sweet little cove with a nice break. Super green all around and a waterfall that poured into the cove. It was a sick spot. Any Oregon, N. Cali locals know this place? I would like to hit it up when we do the volcanoe road trip.

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    sounds like it could be short sands just north of Manzanita, but that’s quite a ways up north…

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    Sounds like short sands…Anybody headed up this way who wants to ride…let me know.

    Kyle Miller
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    Im game for the Volcanoes here in WA but the sooner you hit them the less the Crevasse hazards

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    I don’t remember it being to far north, but thanks I will remember that.

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    For any that might make the trek north, or are already here, I’m looking at St Helens, and Adams sometime in May (not the 10-12, that’s reserved for Baker already), possibly Hood and one of the Sister’s in June, and maybe Glacier or Rainier in there somewhere as well (though much less likely).

    I’ll also got a small amount of floor space and a nice couch if folks need a place to crash in Seattle. Could possibly arrange space in central Oregon too, but that would need some work.

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    You should keep me posted on your St Helens trip. I am working on planing one myself some weekend in May. So far it looks like I have 3 people for sure and 3 maybe’s. I was looking into the weekend of the 24th. I would also be willling to go to all the places you have in mind. there on my list of places to go. I just got the split and I am now hooked. Looking at every Mountain and thinking to myself what run I want to take down. I just need to cut this work trip short and get back on the west coast. I don’t see how these people could live here in the Midwest. Its hot and muggy and no Mountains as far as the eye can see.

    PS I would be willing to give couch/floor space in Seattle if anyone needs a place to crash. the only thing parking but can be a bitch sometimes sense i live downtown.

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    I am game and have tons of room to crash at my shop if anyone’s interrested…

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    You guys should come up early next week…ride pow on tuesday ,wednesday and then hit the opening of SR20 on thursday….current plan in motion

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