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    Due to the lack of snow I have been laid off of work for the next two weeks. I would like to do more than sit on the couch, and drink and feel sorry for myself. I was thinking of heading up to Shasta or Lassen. I never been there and was wondering if anyone had anything to say about the snowpack.

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    Lassen was great today! About 6 to 12in of fresh. Little crusty underneath but only noticeable on a few turns. should be good for the next couple of days. Stability was good but could become a little more sketchy with new snow! As for today no signs of avy danger and snow was a blast!

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    end of drought bump

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    Crap. I’m posting on Lassen conditions.

    As we say, you never get two good days at Lassen.

    Rained through Saturday, then snowed 6 to10 inches for Sunday. Jimw came out so there is that.

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    Park website says road is cleared to Devastated Area. Hopefully vehicular traffic is open this week, so likely going to check things out next weekend. Anyone else going to be poking around up there?

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    Shasta mission next week. Pics to come

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    Played out. 🙂

    Pic from a couple weeks ago, after the first big storm. Good coverage all the way to the car, super fat up high, just enough down low.

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    Nice pic Jimw! Coverage does look good. Gotta work this weekend then heading up on Monday, hopefully there is some fresh still left lol

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    Decent coverage, 100 yards to snowline, Beautiful sunny day, November corn harvest

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