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    Not sure where to put this but…

    How long into the summer can shasta be ridden? Never done it, but I’ll be working about an hour from there starting mid june, and was wondering how late people have skied it.


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    🙂 We go every year the first weekend in June. Last year we climbed and dropped the west face gully and rode all the way to the car at Bunny flat no problem. I would suspect this year wouldn’t be any different.

    I will be headed up the first weekend in May to climb Casaval Ridge and will drop you some info as far as snow depth etc. Tried Casaval in February and the snow depth at Bunny flat was about 6-8′.

    Let me know if you are into going with us in June.


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    Depends which route you do. For west face, June is probably the latest you’d want to go. Late May is probably prime time for that area. On the eastside however, you can sometimes get good turns into August! Though July is more typically when it starts to turn sour. The eastside is nice because you avoid the crowds, and it can be a nice run straight from the summit. Though west face is nice too.

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    Thanks jims,

    I’ll probably be settled in and good to go by the 18th. We’ll see what happens.

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