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    Howdy All, I am going up to Shasta next weekend and I need some beta. I have climbed it before, but up the Hotlum Glacier. This time Im looking for the skin to the top route juste to the south-east. I think its the wintun glacier or the hotlum-wintun ridge? I know its two snow fields to lookersleft of where I went up. Also when I went I came in from the north ,this time I want to come in from the south. I know the road to the brewer creek trail head is 42n10, but should I go all the way to Mccloud or is there a road that hits hwy 89 half way out? Any maps would be appreciated. Thanks

    K Dan
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    This site is handy for trailhead access. There’s a map at the bottom

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    From Tahoe:

    3.5 miles before you get to McCloud, you will see a sign that says “To all trailheads”. Turn right onto Pilgrim Creek Road (NF 13), a paved road. Proceed 7.1 miles to Sugar Pine Butte Road (NF 19) and turn left. From this point the pavement turns to dirt. The roads are well marked with signs indicating the direction to the Brewer Creek trailhead. Proceed along Road NF 19, turn left on road 42N02 and then make another left on road 42N10 and proceed to the Brewer Creek.

    If you are driving from San Diego, just take 89 off of the 5 and drive to McCloud. Then 3.5 miles past town is Pilgrim Creek Road. Turn left.

    The Hotlum/Wintun ridge takes you up to the rocks. The northeast facing snowfield is on climbers right. If you want to skin to the top, traverse left and take the next available snowfield to the summit above the Wintun Glacier. However, if you want some excitement, crampon and tool your way up the northeast facing icefield and ride that!

    lucky bastard! 8)

    edit: Pretty sure NF19 is Military Pass Rd. Either way, once on Pilgrim Creek Rd, you can’t lose. Tons of signage.

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    Thanks Buckaroos for the info

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