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    June 17:
    rughty and I went to go hit Trinity chutes. Was a great day for climbing and riding. We left bunny flat at 5:15 (6950). No wind and firm snow made for fast travel. Plus there was no ice coming down off the red banks/trinities so we could use the standard bootpack. After transitioning at Helen Lake I started to make good time and arrived atop Trinity chutes (13,300) at 10:15. Ken arrived soon after. I didn’t want to bother with the summit as the snow is horrendous up there and I only came to ride.
    The Trinity chutes were suuuuper phat and the best lines were still untracked. We took a nap and let things soften and dropped in around 12:30. It was money!

    Ken dropped in this side:

    I dropped here:


    You can see our tracks the whole way down. From upper left to middle-right to lower right. It was pretty damn good snow.

    Kowokiton glacier/thumb rock chutes. Some skiers laid nice tracks in there that day:

    July 5th:
    Solo day. I was supposed to wait around after this day and hook up with Russman 2 days later but I was pooped and sorta over it after this day. I got kinda worked. 3 weeks between tours will do that.
    Brewer creek goes to just before switchbacks (5800 feet on topo). It’s not gonna melt anytime soon. There’s trees across the road too. Tons of snow all the way down though for easy travelling. Suncups to 9k then pretty darn smooth above that.

    I rode line that angles down right off peak. I looked up some old TR’s and saw Mike from: had done this once or twice. In my opinion it’s just as good if not better than the standard Wintun start/traverse to ridge route. I can see why you wouldn’t want to drop this when it’s icy as it rolls over above cliffs/rocks that go directly onto Hotlum glacier.
    You can see tracks from two guys I met that rode the route proper the day before. I stopped < 200 feet from summit cuz I was bonking and outta water and the boot pack went to the top of my line anyway. 8100 feet was enough hiking at that point. The top of main route was sorta manky/punchy and had lots of old tracks. The line I did was NE facing and was money. Plus it accesses the very top of Hot tuna proper and that was super good corn and untouched too. If 5 ppl hadn't put in the booter the day before I wouldn't have made it. It was off and on unconsolidated the whole way up. Fucking warm too! I managed to stay strapped in all the way down Brewer creek with some creative poling, log ducking, rock maneuvering. Once unstrapped I was at my car in 10 minutes! Good way to end the season...again. With as much snow as there is I could see myself getting another day in somewhere. It won't take long for the jonesin' to creep back.

    Hotlam crevasses

    Looking down on Hotlam glacier:

    Video from my last day:

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    shasta looks better than ever this year

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    Yeah Brooks! Sick TR man. Lets go do that up and over thing. How much longer do you think it will be in? Either that or lets meet up and do Adams real real soon!

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    :thatrocks: that is all, :thatrocks:

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