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    Headed up to kick off volcano season with likestoride and met up with bcrider and mcpheet for two days of shredding.
    The first day we started off out of Bunny Flat at 4:40am to hit up Trinity chutes (becoming an annual pilgrimage for me) I’m not a fan of Bunny Flat due to crowds and rangers but the riding and access is just too awesome. Today we were the only ones climbing up!

    Getting up early sucks but you’re often rewarded with amazing sunrises:

    getting higher:

    bcrider finds a nice perch to chill:

    I walked over to peek down into Mud creek next to Thumb rock. Our skier buddy had ridden the chute at bottom of this picture the day before (it doesnt quite go but he wiggled an exit for himself). More stuff for the hit list!:

    After a long climb we arrived atop our objective.
    Buffy with Lassen in the distance:

    Getting prepared and waiting for the snow to ripen:

    Looking down our line:

    The snow was nice, smooth and soft the whole way down. No suncupping yet!

    Buffy exiting out of the chutes:

    mcpheet (Matt):



    Notice the dude far down below. Our buddy JT was also out there this day with Toby doing laps. This was run 3 (I think) of the 5 he did this day. He caught the pack in this pic topping out. 50 years old+ and he does back to back to back 8-10k days 😯 . I don’t get it…and he splitboards too!

    It was windy on top but the snow on our north aspect was perfect:


    We did 2 laps on this face. Bcrider and mcpheet did a separate face from Buffy and I on our last one. The snow was amazing transitional porn. Better than Shasta even.
    Buffy topping out on 2nd lap:

    Our 2nd run. Nice steep face that opened up to huge field of amazing snow:

    JT chatting with me after his 4th run. He was stoked to bum some water and food off Buffy and I so he could do a 5th!:

    Me dropping (photos by Buffy):


    bcrider and mcpheet’s tracks from their 2nd run:


    Rico in AZ
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    Oh so that’s what snow looks like. 😀

    That is beautiful country up in NorCal.
    This is just plain stunning,

    Thanks for the summer stoke!

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    LOL…we’re thinking with the same brain these days Brooks. I did Lassen on Sunday. No pics because I was solo and just decided to leave the camera behind, but I found very similar conditions to what you described. It was hot as hell on Sunday though, so for wet slide risk I just did one lap and called it an early day.

    Well done you guys/girls! I was eyeballing trinity chutes for Fri actually…..between you and stoudema I’m getting all the great beta just a few days before climbing!

    What time did you top out (above the chutes) leaving at 4:40?

    edit: that looks like a summit shot with Buffy? Assume you road misery hill back down? I did that once. Crunchy rime ice 😛

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    Gorgeous photos guys! Super jealous of the coverage out there.

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    Nice double header! The mud creek line isn’t worth a second thought :thumpsup:

    Come now as sun cups are starting to show just below horse camp.

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    Looks sweet! Gonna head up there end of the week, hope I get it that good. If anyone is gonna be riding Fri.-Sun. get in touch.

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    I’m planning on heading up Friday thru Sunday. Looks to be super killer. :rock:

    Kyle Miller
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    Looks sweet down there.

    You think it would be worth spending a week on Shasta climbing and riding different lines in the next few weeks?

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    damn brooks you take some of my favorite photos…. good work on both the pictures and the mountains. i was a little sad about the end of pow season, but last weekend got me pretty stoked on corn season!

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    great tr and photos as usual…also planning to hit shasta and lassen this weekend….

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    I’ll be kickin it in Hidden Valley friday thru sunday if anyone wants to stop in for a visit.

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    Dude’s, is it too early or too late to suggest ShastaSplitfest!? :rock:

    I mean, there was no Eastside Splitfest this year…… I say we organize and destroy.

    It would for sure be worth it then Kyle.

    Whatcha think? This weekend? Or wait for Brewer Creek to open?

    Can we sled up to the Brewer Creek trail head? I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it……. :disco:

    Kyle Miller
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    Just waiting for the Shasta forecast to say sunny for a week and the Cascade forecast to say “TOTAL SHIT”

    which should be any day now

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    Keep me posted. Maybe wait until Brewer Creek opens. The Wintun Glacier is Frick’n amazing, and the Hotlum would be killer too. It would be nice to tackle both eh?

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    f!yeah bg. you guys scored big! nice job, great pics.

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    This thread really got me fired up to ride some volcanoes. Even though it’s been at the top of my liist for years, for one reason or another I never made it happen before. Finally motivated this weekend, despite no partners, no veg oil for the truck, and getting full-on Reno’d :banghead: on the way. Learned a few lessons:
    1-Don’t depend on your phone to give you directions to the trailhead, because even with a 4×4 truck, I got stopped by snowdrifts on some crazy backroads that obviously didn’t end up being the fastest way to the TH.
    2-Keep the tunes low and pay attention. While taking a little break and digging through the pack, some random person 100 yards away yelling “ROCK!” saved me from getting pummeled by a 15″ boulder that I didn’t see coming. 😯 Literally jumped out of the way while it took out my pole and continued on down the hill.
    3-Even if you are solo, there’s plenty of people out there to hike and ride with. Never imagined there would be so many people there. Bumped into Hoglord at the top of Trinity chutes and enjoyed a killer run with him to the bottom. :headbang:
    Stoked to see all the rad spring TRs popping up.

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    Good riding with you BG, buffy, and mmcpheet! :thatrocks:

    Sorry for the delay with my pics!

    Shasta from I5

    From town

    BG at dawn

    Red Banks

    Trinity Chutes




    Lassen moonset

    Heading up

    Shasta in the distance

    BG setting the booter

    Summit proper




    Good times, thanks again!

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    Sick shots! The Trinities are amazing! Any word on Brewer Creek’s opening date?

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    Brewer creek is still at least a week out, probably a bit more. I went the hotlum-wintun ridge on the 31st and had to leave the Jeep a few miles out due to some very soft 2-5′ drifts across the road. It was melting fast though and I probably could have gone a couple hundred yards further up the road by the time I left on the 1st. If it stays hot it should definitely be open for the last two weeks in June.

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    Bring 2 shovels. 2 dudes with a 1/2 hour of work could punch that last switchback that’s 3.5 miles out. As is you can start from 6300-6500 depending on your route of attack.

    bcrider: SICK SHOTS! What camera do you use again? I need a more worthy compact. Canon Gsomething?

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