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    I was pretty stoked to get HFT on board for a mission up to SME. My wife and I had the pleasure of having dinner with the mountain ripper Beglinger family on a fall vacation through BC. I had no idea I’d be seeing them this winter, but as fate would have it…We hit it right on the freeking head. A nice big system rolled in and proceeded to bless us with 5 days of the sweetest tree lines, and 2 mellower days in the most amazing alpine terrain. I say “mellower” because you really can’t get after the alpine when it dumps for 5 days…but, we all know that.

    I do want to dedicate this TR to a man that friggin has been getting after it since 1964′. His name is Roy, and he is 76 years old. I feel it very important to mention he was with Ruedi’s fast group at the end of the trip. And took no days off!!

    Salute’ Ripper Roy :headbang:

    Quagmire, er I mean HFT, and I had minimal sleep before our early departure, but stoke busted through.(Darcy on the far left is bummed he forgot his cheech)

    Home for the next 9 days

    We all had a quick meeting with Reudi, and off for a tour. It’s a bit wierd riding with poles in your hands, but necessary for the bench sections. You get used to it after a while, and found you can still tweak grabs. So be prepared for gratuitous use of ski poles! 😯

    HFT, and I threw down more freekin powder wheelies than Evil Knievel. Without the full on alchoholism, debauchery, and womanizing. 😉

    The tree lines at SME were soooo sweet!! I literally want to lap some of those pillow lines..working on a proposal to SME for just that :thumpsup:

    HFT are you in the white room’ll go blind….SON!

    We just could’nt get enough powder slashes in…is that even possible??

    Johnathan, and his dad Daniel were our table bullshitting brothers for the week. A great couple fellows, and good drinking buddies. Those Quebec-ians can put away the red wine! :guinness:

    The sun came out our last 2 days before going away again on our departure day. Reudi really has an amazing piece of land. The expanse of beauty will humble you, and make you feel eternally stoked for each summit you gain.

    Beautiful Vistas, touring shots, and photos of 2 jackasses…enjoy!

    Such good views

    I did mention jackasses were at SME right? AKA splitboarders.

    On the last day we got 3 summits, and were pretty pumped. We also go to watch “Dez-aster” eat shit about 5 million times. Tough bugger he was able to keep at it though.

    Tumbledown Summit Bro Stoke

    Placing some more rocks for my uncle Al who passed in Decemeber.
    Tumbledown Summit

    Ruth, or Diamond Summit?

    Powder Wheeeeeeelies for Mt. Moloch

    Our amazing guide Dan…He kept us in the good tree lines, and put up with our constant desire to drop pillows.

    I want to take the opportunity to thank Ruedi, and his super good guides. Ruedi, Dan, and Alex(good luck on your ACMG Exam!)

    And also big thanks to Nicoline, Florina, Charlotte, Amy and Jenny for everything they do behind the scenes.

    I end this TR with 2 video mixes

    Classic Ski Week Mix


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    Epic stoke man, always enjoy your TR’s… :band:

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    This photo kills it!

    Rico in AZ
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    oh and $$$$$$$$$$$$$ !!!!!!!

    Lots of awesome photos here boys. Trip looks beyond words.

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    Dopeness. I’d be at least that bummed if I forgot the cheech on a 9 day trip. Looks like the wheely testing was a success, sick boards!

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    Fantastic trip for sure. Ron burgundy with his wheelie steeze is something to behold. Thanks for opening my eyes to some of this epic terrain!

    The fresh pow and tree runs were amazing. Bummer it meant we couldn’t do more alpine lines though. The Selkirks are pretty mind boggling. Cant wait to make a return trip and shred some more with you homey!

    And dis is dat, Get to tha choppa!

    PS. Lets go to Terrace next.

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    great photos! Selkirks are definitely on my list … :drool:

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    That was some serious pow…nice timing to head there! I’ve heard Reudi is a slave driver…

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    great photos and terrain!

    Your enthusiasm shows in your writting. Very fun to read. Much better then the ho hum understated style.

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    Ale, Thanks for that.. I guess I try to share the stoke I get from certain places. Hence, I made a collective decision to make the interior my travel destination for some years to come. I’m creeping closer to 40, so it’s time to focus. Plus, my social claustrophobia is getting to me from other locations.

    Wikez, I wouldn’t put too much fodder into what you’ve heard about Ruedi. I’d say if you’re keen on going to SME. Email SME, and ask if you can speak to Ruedi. He’ll answer any questions you may have. (just don’t ask his opinion on hard boots 😉 ) My advice to people that have told you Ruedi is a slave driver….would be this.

    1. As them if that skirt they’re rockin’ can be rolled up.
    2. If being shown an amazing mountains by somebody whom has spent their entire life in them is a bit much…. they should sell that split and get back on the lifts. I’m sure the ski patrol would be more than happy to wash that sand out for an extra fee. 😯

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