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    Bibs are for eating lobster – and that is all. Seriously, agreed on well placed pockets and venting. If you are going to do a full line of stuff, it should include a waterproof mid weight puffy, and a super lightweight, windproof breathable shirt for hiking. Honestly, the piece I want to see most is quality headgear. I have yet to see something that works better for climbing than a trucker hat over a bandana. And a little style couldn’t hurt.

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    Trucker hats are the ultimate weapon for slaying the whole mountain! Especially the freebie foamie trucker from a case of beer. :thatrocks:

    That was Pontus

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    lol wow some of you have a real hate on for bibs lol….i love them…no sag from my pack pushing my pants down all day, no need for a belt, 2 more chest pockets for an avy notebook and surprise surprise it fits my toque (knit hat) just perfect…but again to each their own. I see the benefits to both styles but I personally prefer bibs.

    for a headgear I actually have a version of a stormy kromer hat that i love for skinning up…..flaps down if the wind picks up, flaps up if it is warm, wool hat so wet snow doesn’t penetrate…ggranted it isn’t as breathable as a trucker hat…..if it is cold out but I am working hard I switch to my OR windstopper beanie….breathes incredibly well, keeps the wind out and protects from the cold.

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    Large cargo style pockets over the seat that can cover most of the butt so we can put a ccf pad or some reflectix in the pockets which would allow us to sit down to take a break, smoke a bowl or meditate. And not soak thru our pants.

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    Smaller waist with longer legs. And more belt loops ! Not four or five but six to eight.
    I’m a skinny fuck who is always pulling my pants up
    I’m so desperate I’m about to go to bibs.
    My next pair will go strait to my gear repair shop and at least two inches will be removed from the waist

    Note to clothing makers- people buying Backcountry gear won’t have the same shape as a guy chasing a donut truck

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    on the bib topic, I have a pair of older jagged edge pants, they have a simple D ring system where you can take suspenders on and off real quick by sticking one d ring through another. I wish they had about 3 -4 inches more rise in the back either the pant material or a breathable material that would keep snow off my back when I sit down. So I don’t really want bibs, but want a better higher seal/coverage over the lower back and a flat smooth finish around the hip belt of my pack.

    Also, look at the way the nearly full zips on last years Klim freeride pants curves around the back of the leg. This way you can vent the pants really far in the spring and not get snow in your pants while breaking trail.

    I vote for a loose fit, flylow has about the right pattern for leg opening width, but their inseams are only right in the tall sizes in my opinion for those near 5″10″ and up. the fly lows without the cordura knee pads, a higher back like some of the Klim snomobile pants (but no elasitc under my pack hip belt), and convertible suspenders would be about spot on for me

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    Had a look at the Black Diamond Front Point bibs a couple days back. Other than the usual stratospheric price tag for a made in China product with less features & material… and shitty gaters (ever hear of an instep strap folks?) I think they are the new standard in bib technology. Basic, minimal 3L alpine pants, decent cut, high waisted/bib front & back (suspenders =/= bibs), sides zips that pretty much run waist high and transfer into a drop seat (clutch for pooping on the skin track, keep them lazy skiers at bay…), etc…

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    @Jason4 wrote:

    Large chest pockets on the jacket make for a nice place to stuff large gloves for things like transitions or fiddling with stoves. In a pinch they could fit skins that have failed due to temps. They should be mesh backed to keep whatever is in the pocket warm and to allow the pocket to double as a vent.

    ^this for skins due to some quick laps

    Giant inside mesh pockets please. At least on the puffys, if you make puffy jackets. Nice for skins for quick laps, critical for any overnight venture for drying things out.

    Inside mesh pockets for skins, water bottle, mitts, etc.

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    After talking smack on bibs a few pages back, I just got a pair of Trewth bibs for xmas. We’ll see how they work out. They look pretty sick so far.

    As far as skin storage inside the jacket. All you really need is a string or small bar to hang them over inside the jacket. Don’t need a huge pocket really do ya? Actually, I’ll usually put them inside the jacket and let my hip belt hold them in. Never really had a problem.

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    BIBs are for deep snow. I ride deep pow. BIBs are essential. I would like my bibs to have a zip off waist gaiter that can be zipped in and out when the conditions are right. and no stupid cargo pockets. I don’t want shit banging against my knees going up or down. and make them price worthy- you’ll be just another brand with 500$ snow pants otherwise– if im paying that much I expect AT LEAST 5 years of hard core usage. fuck acyterex unless its on clearance. they are fucking up the whole pricing game with there ridiculous msrps… good luck in your persuit. do you have any ideas for the clothing company name? just curious

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    I prefer slightly baggy pants (Burton Cargo eg.) I´d like drawcords on the outer side of the legs up to slightly below knee height to cinch the fabric on the lower leg tight if crampons are used. Gaiters are an option of course, but pita to use and the ones thick enough take quite a lot space and usually are designed to be waterproof, which means bad breathability. I sewed my own gaiters from keprotec for last season, they only cover the inner side of the leg, up to about knee height, on the outer side they have three quick buckles, with the top one fitted just above my boot so the gaiters stay up and tight. There´s also a cord below foot to keep them from rising up.

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