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    Skipped class today to hit the hills because it was such a beautiful day. It was a good idea but we still didnt make it to the peak! So again just another set of skinning pictures 🙄 One day im gonna get some good use out of this thing in board mode!! 🙂 There was a good snow the last few days which really slowed our progress and unfortunatly we had to turn back because of a time crunch. Doh.

    Danes happy to be out (he was driving around town with the googles on as sunglesses. No telling where we were going heh.

    The peak on the left was the objective.

    Breaking through the think stuff. There was a layer of crust underneath the soft stuff that would give away every now and then and make it twice as hard to break trail 🙂

    Another one close to the last shot. The mountain on the right has killed before. A group of college students had an accident on them and a few died at the same time killing the outdoor program at the college 🙁

    Objective #2 . But since we never made it to #1 than it really didnt matter!

    Some of the fun to navigate. On the way down we jumped off this just a little to the left of what you can see in the picture with splitmode and no skins. We both ate it heh.

    And that was about it. Unfortuantly nothing to crazy. In board mode the snow was so sticky we couldnt get any kind of speed going with the weak slope and spent another day mostly in skin mode 🙄 🙂

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    karma man…karma

    you’ve built it up and when she repays its gonna be big! 🙂

    great pics btw. 8)

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