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    Just getting this thread started. For all that attended, post up your photos here.

    Once again thanks to VOILE,, and MSU Backcountry Riding Club for sponsoring the event!

    Riders/Skiers represented Montana, California, Colorado, South Dakota, and Wyoming! A super fun crew! 😀

    Day One-The crew unites. Mostly splitboarders for the fest

    Heading out to the mountain:

    Patroller420 stoked to be out of the concrete jungle. Props to him coming all the way out from Cali to get some blower!

    The crew skinning up, broken poles and all. We make it work out!

    The Scrubs on top of Old Smokey, all covered with Split Cheese! I promise there have never been this many splitters on Togwotee!

    Nothing tops a stellar day like a nice bonfire with a killer crew. I enjoyed seeing the core peeps from last year and the newbies who represented well. Good people all the way around. Fun fun fun.

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    I would like to thank a Kick-ass host and crew for a hell of a good time. Good touring, good lines , good chili, and good french fries…er i mean spies. Thanks J for showin me your back yard, Im beat but I will try to get something out tonight or tuesday. Yeeeehawww It all started with Wyomingsplit posting big powder pictures back in november when California was hot and dry. I PM’ed him and offered up a vacation swap and soon airlines were called and credit cards were abused. It seemed like 6 months later the day arrived. I got to the airport at sunrise and headed to Denver via the frendly skies of United. When I woke up I peered out the window and saw these

    After landing in Denver, I got to do something I always wanted to in a turboprop

    Soon I found myself at the Riverton Wyoming airport. I was hoping Not to see one of these on my trip

    After Meeting the Host, and my ride , Mr Wyoming Split,we loaded up the truck and headed west. We talked about several sleeping options but due to weather and the late time we settled in Dubois , Wyoming

    Next morning supplies were loaded

    we had breakfast at the “Cowboy Cafe”

    And we wer off to Togwotee Pass. We drove a while and soon we arrived at the scrubfest central camp

    After the meet and greet we headed to the opening skin

    As we sinned up I could tell it was on like Donkey-Kong. Here are some scubs skinning up

    We made it to the top of the trees and because of AVY hazard, we stayed in the trees. Pit being dug

    Here is the first run

    The next skin up had me feeling the altitude , coming in from Sea Level I was worked and was about to drop the same line. Then I look up to lookers left and I see Kevin, on the ridge pulling off his skins looking like a king and a voice inside said “You Go Up THere’ I pulled my shit together, skinned up a little more, and had the MONEY run of the day

    and after

    The next morning we all packed up and went to the Tetons

    We looked like a Gang coming Through the Woods

    The terrain was nice and the sun started to shine

    I had Rob take my picture cause I was skinning in the Tetons

    Kevin, BriggerHippie, and Rob discuss the conditions

    The sun started baking the snow and it got heavy quick,so we made the best of it , hit some wind lips ,rode some trees and headed to “Dornans” for beers and food. This place had an amazing view

    While we ate the clouds moved out and you could see “The Grand”

    After the big party with the Slednecks on saturday night and the fire with firewater at camp ,everyone was slow to wake on sunday. We went back to have breakfast with the slednecks put on the gear and headed out for Wysplits stash”French Spy” Bowl.

    Wade and Wysplit breakin trail

    Splitcheck was on it sunday


    The view once again was outstading

    We had to gain the top of this ridge to get the goods.

    We could see the Tetons as we climbed

    I had to get my photo in here again

    We crossed the ridge , dodging Bighorn Sheep shit along the way,made it over to the bowl on the back side. Wysplit went down to check out conditions in the couloir

    Dave straps in

    I checked out my line

    I dropped the right side and had one of the best runs of my life . BIG THANKS TO WYSPLIT 😉

    Then Wysplit dropped in ( Upper Left Corner)

    After that we all had to go our seperate ways…..UNTILL NEXT YEAR 😈

    As I flew home, i dreamed of next years lines

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    I’ll second that! Thanks WSR for throwing it together again. The turnout just keeps getting better and had at least 4 states representing. Don’t have many pics, but when I get a chance I’ll throw them up. Hopefully you guys put down a few nice line on sunday(especially if that is where you went) wish I could’ve rode sunday. Big props to P420 for the long distance award and great attitude. I was lazy with the pics but here are a couple(didn’t ride two days so no action)

    The chili setup with nomad and Dave( thanks guys)

    There’s a whole lot of car camping going on, there were a few tents

    This gives you an idea of the crowd we were dealing with at the lodge where we infiltrated the snowmobile stronghold

    and you can’t be dissapointed with these views


    Thanks WSR. It was a great weekend. THREE, yes that was THREE days of great powder was exactly what i had in mind. The last day was better than anything i could have expected. Good company and good food made the weekend. Patroller420 you deffinatly brought some life to the party, glad to have you there. The only pic i have is of the addition to the car in the parking lot the last day…. not sure if i’m gonna post or not. We’ll see..[/b]

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    Great to hear all!

    Bummed to miss it…but there is always next year! 🙂

    ps. post some pics already! :mrgreen:

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    the suspense has got to be killing people… 😆 somebody’s got to have some better shots, but here’s a few.
    i think we were lacking in the action shot department.

    HUGE thanks to Wysplitride for showing us some of the neighborhood. i could’ve spent all weekend in any one of the spots he showed us and been just as pleased. although french spy would be my first choice. some phat shit in that bowl. ya. phat! glad to spend a great weekend with such a great group of guys and Sherry. (splitchick is pretty much one of the guys) 😉 the Backcountry Riding Club was also glad to contribute a little bit and be a part of the festivities as well (thanks to Student Activiities 😀 ). i hope the chili didn’t tear you up too much. 😳 sorry i didn’t take many pictures unitl the last day. this is all i’ve got worth posting. it looks like some of the other scrubs got some good ones though. good times. 😀


    splitchick, dave

    day 3: french spy bowl

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    Day Two we headed into the Grand Teton National Park in search of more good snow. I was there a few days before and it was off the hook. When we got the trailhead the temps heated rapidly and it was like spring conditions.

    Wade strikes the pose in the Tetons.

    Dave busts the windlip and Wysplitride needs a faster camera and lessons. At least the shadow is kinda cool?

    Wade dropping the mush potato snow, but still good fun.

    Dave mocks it out over the tranny.

    Today Patroller420 shows us how to truly ride Sierra Cement in the Tetons.

    After riding Saturday, stopping for beers at Dornan’s with spectacular views of the Tetons, we headed up to Togwotee Mountain Lodge to party down and for the Scrub Raffle. Here is the entire crew getting rowdy in a snowmobiler majority cowboy bar…I am sure people were thinking “Damn Hippy Tree huggers!” We had a blast!

    Patroller420 and snowmobiler in action. The man represents!

    Splitchick gets into the action too, but it looks like she got busted. No problems and all fun.

    Raffle Time! Nomad sports his new shirt!

    Rob checks out his new probe with a little help from his friends.

    Splitchick with her new VOILE shovel and shirt thanks to DJ and BCrider.

    Everyone at the raffle won a prize. The most amazing thing was that Derm75’s girlfriend broke her pole the day before and legitimately won the new collapsible poles from Voile. Needless to say, she was stoked! 😀

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    Day three brought great snow again and a manditory visit to French Spy Bowl. We must have smelled like a brewery hiking up to the drop. Nothing like skinning to get those toxins out! It was a sweet finale.

    Nomad dropping the goodness.

    Looking at all the great lines in French Spy Bowl and Breccia Couloir directly beneath us. Soooooo goood! Probably the best conditions that I have ever dropped this particular line.

    Nomad slaying it! I missed his signature slash on the windlip one turn below this photo. Next time man…I promise.

    Wade sets in like a pro.

    Dave going for it.

    Patroller420 dropping the right side goodness.

    I had a great time with great people and a lot of sick shreddas and skiers! Thank you all for coming out to the event. I look forward to turnin’ with you next year!

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    Nice work!

    Wish I could have made it, but last minute roll call at the office….”I’m gonna need you to come in on Saturday…”

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    Looks like you all had a blast in some nice conditions…. Wish I coulda been there…

    And nice Office Space ref there 46_2… Sounds like my life lately…

    Definitely some sweet lines ridden too…. Timing on shots wasn’t all bad.. Give yourself some credit… Still conveys the stoke, without a doubt..

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Looks like a great time! So sorry I missed it all – esp. when I spent 8 hrs in a car Sat. Next yr definitely

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    😛 😛 😛
    way to represent both on and off the snow. 8)

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    Quick note to thank all for the great time at the ’06 Scrub Fest! Good people both on and off the snow. Special thanks to WSR for bringing it all together and then sharing the great pictures. It takes time and dedication to record a day in the backcountry and J does a great job of doing such time and time again. Ride safe……..

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    Way to go guys! Looks like an epic weekend. 8)

    Gotta love when you get the storm day and the sunny day.

    It’s an honor to have you all representing with the shirts too! Next year I’ll be sure to have more than just size medium for you. 😳

    Ps. something tells me this run alone made the trek for p420 well worth it. :mrgreen:

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    i am jealouse. Very sweet!

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    Very, very nice. Hopefully next year. This is now two in a row, I will be a total loser if I make it three….

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    Agree with all the above. 😀 Great people, Great food, Great snow, Great time. If anyone finds all the energy that I lost for Sundays ride, I would like it back. Two days later I still feel short. Arrived home Monday 11:30 ish and went straight to my home town hill Terry Peak, put on my board and got a few turns in on mashed potatoes. I gotta say it was fun yet odd to use my pass, and sit on a chair to get to the top. Looking forward to more bc experiences and doing it right, the way it should be done. On a splittie 8) Thanks for the Great event J. Rob T

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    Here’s a few more pics:

    the spiltboard crew and voile representing

    here’s our gracious host busting trail

    Some crazy cali kook followed us up the skin trailand I hear he even had his silverware along

    the crew……

    the aftermath

    a few nice tracks down the avy gulch

    and a scenic

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    Sick photos BHippy! Love the avi path photo and the Grand. Glad we had some visibility this year.

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    Looks like a FUN trip! 😀

    My splitboard needs to get out soon! Patroller, let me know if you do something in the Sierra.

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