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    Scrub Fest was a success! We had scrubs representin’ from Montana, Idaho, South Dakota, and Wyoming. It wasn’t a huge event, but it was very personable and down to earth. We had successful tours on Saturday and Sunday with a reasonable amount of people.

    I really enjoyed getting to know the peeps behind the screen names and the true scrubs who came out to represent. Nothing fancy, but we were all there for one reason, to ride or ski in the backcountry and have a good time. I must add, everyone who came out to the event had skills! It made touring so much fun. Thank you all who showed up, and the SCRUB FEST will definitely become an annual event.

    Pics to come and thanks again for representing! 😀 Please add your pics, vids, or thoughts here.

    The Scrubs truly did unite!

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    Amen to that! I had a great time down in wyoming. Definitely all about people doing whatever it takes to get out and enjoy the backcountry. I will agree that there were some very talented folks out there and I was easily the slowest, but we knocked out a very fun chute on sat. Wish I could’ve toured on sun, but we decided it best to drive back with daylight for the donut. How was sunday’s snow?

    I also want to put out a huge thanks to WSR for giving up some local jewels and to everyone for being very safe and responsible with a large group. What could be better than coming back from a great trip than coming home to 27 inches of fresh at BB since saturday. Backcountry is scary but I guess I’ll hit up the resort tommorow. Again it was great to meet and ride with so many nice people(even if I was the only one on a burton). Hopefully some of my pics come out.

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    Right on guys!

    Awesome to hear the ScrubFest went well. 8)

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    That is great news. I love these homegrown events. I will definitely make an effort to be there next year. Should be a lot easier for me to make it next time around.

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    I have to say I had a great time. Thanks for having us out. Good peeps all around. and thats 33in. LLS. Today was a killer day at BB. Faceshots for all!!!!!

    Lets do this next year.

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    Knowing that many people were unable to make the SplitFest in California, it was decided that having a festival for those who could not partake would be necessary. From this necessity, the idea of the Scrub Fest was born. Nothing fancy, no sponsors, industry manufactures, fees, running water, or electricity to be had. Simply a barebones, grassroots, homegrown backcountry festival had developed from this idea. It all came down to the concept, “Post and they shall come.â€Â

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    Day two the light was much better and conducive to good photos. We were able to find some undisturbed snow on Two Ocean in the trees. Good thing, I needed the extra fluff for padding!

    Nomad and Mike on top of Two Ocean getting ready to drop the East.

    Darran getting the splitboard shimmy shimmy switch over to ride.

    Views of the Southeastern Absorakas.

    Matt getting ready to make the drop into Two Ocean.

    Sade’ Dog patiently waiting for his turn too!

    Nomad dropping in like he owns the place and tearin’ it up! The dude shreads!

    Nothing but grins for Hottysplit!

    Hottysplit drops into the chute.

    It was a great event and wonderful to meet a lot of cool rippin’ folks. Thanks to all the Scrubs for showing up and making it happen. I can hardly wait for a second annual.

    Please post your photos and footy as soon as you get them back. I am looking forward to seeing/hearing others’ interpretations!

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    Sounds like a great time. Sounds like the only thing missing were some Sierra/Cascade folks. I will try to make it out next year!!

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    Good pics. I hope that Nomad will post his vid.
    I think that we should do this once a month all winter, one in every state. Good reason to get to a new place. Best part is a local guide.

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    Louis…. if you are reading this you should get a user name and post you ideas. I think the peeps out there would like to here what you have to say. You should show some pics of your carver-split.

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    Damn, I knew you guys would find some good snow on the bluebird day. Looks like everyone got some good turns in. WSR, I bet your leg was feeling it when you got home. Hopefully I’ll get my old school film developed tonight, but I didn’t take too many pics I think. I agree with BH that some of the lurkers that showed up for scrubfest should post up with their thoughts on how the event went. Anyways we finally have snow again so I”ll be getting out on sunday hopefully. Oh yeah Louis should definitely post some pics of his sweet custom carver.

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    Lifelink-bluebird it was and the snow was excellent in the trees as well! Everyone did get some good turns in fo’ sure. My leg is still feeling it. The bruising is SICK! I will post a pic for those who dig gore! I am going to try to ride in the Tetons this weekend and hope the snow is soft. 😀

    I agree that Louis should post pics of his split wood carver! Come on dude.

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    Louis here.Just letting you know i’ll get some pics of my Donek split soon.A very big thanks to WSR for all his effort to make scrub fest
    such a good time.I was very impressed with the talent that surrounded
    the campfire;everyone plays “hard”. Mo’ later.

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    Looks like you guys did it up right. Looks like a lot of fun and your mountains are unreal.

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    I think people will dig your donek. Anyways here are a few more pics, but nothing too good.

    Any guesses on who the guy is with the tie-dye? Stopped at teton pass on the way to togwotee

    decided to go scope the terrain waiting for people. and we had little mishap with the tire.

    another trailhead photo. DISREGARD those two planks.

    Carversplit, Nomad, and Sade cooking breakfast

    A couple of grey pics of our line from sat

    and the obligatory tetons shot on the way home

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    @lifelinksplit wrote:

    Any guesses on who the guy is with the tie-dye?

    too easy…bridgerhippy! 🙂

    cool pics LSS.

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    the scrubfest was sweet! Despite somewhat marginal conditions, good times were had and I’m definitely happy I took part in the festivities. Not a big, gradiose production, but good people and fun riding. I’ll try and get the video up, but first I have to find a computer than can handle editing (mine can’t process video any more).

    WSR – how’s that bruise treating ya?


    It was a great weekend, i had a great time out there and enjoyed meeting everyone. This should deffinatly be a yearly thing, if not a couple times a year. Here’s some pics. from Sunday.

    View from parking lot

    Taking a quick break

    View going up

    On the ridge

    Looking back at our lines

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    Very Nice

    Greetings from germany Chris

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