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    March 21-24 2011

    The Williams Yurt sits at 7900 feet at the base of Williams and Thompson Peak near the town of Stanley Idaho. It’s a 6 mile, 1500 vert skin into the yurt itself, once there, It’s relatively quick access to Profile and Marshal Basin which are loaded with amazing couloirs.

    Our group consisted of Mike Basich, Josh Dirksen, Pat Lee, Spencer Cordovano, Photographer Mark Welsh, local guide Clark Corey and myself. This trip was on the books for a few months and we managed to nail it with the weather and snow conditions.

    The Yurt is so dialed, the boys at Sawtooth Mountain Guides have been doing this for years and have their shit together.

    Clark Corey is a great guide and a ripping snowboarder, we were stoked to have him with us. Dirkson, Basich and myself nailed the “What’s up doc” Coular in the video, the snow couldn’t have been any better. We then moved over and got the “resurrection” Couloir but the light went flat so no real footage of that one.

    Check Frequency Magazine for a feature story on this trip next winter. And go to if you want to book a trip the the Sawtooths!


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    Really cool. I have been there in the summer to mountain bike and thought it was some of the most interesting mountains I have ever seen (sawtooth is a very appropriate name). But everybody I asked said it doesn’t snow enough to make it worth going – but it looks like they were wrong…

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    Nice report, I always enjoy Stanley area. I need to get my but up there for boarding. Looks pretty rad. Saving the riding pics for article? 🙂

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    Drove through Stanley on my way home after a long weekend on Galena. Next time I take a trip down that way I think I’ll just skip Ketchum altogether and go straight to Stanley. Thanks for sharing, this is some great stoke.


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    Always wanted to head that way.

    Thanks for taking me on your adventure one picture at a time.

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    @mtnrider wrote:

    Nice report, I always enjoy Stanley area. I need to get my but up there for boarding. Looks pretty rad. Saving the riding pics for article? 🙂

    Yeah, cant give away too much, Frequency story should be sick. There is some riding footage in the video though. Hopefully a few photos and videos published from Central Idaho next winter. Hit me with a PM if anyone makes it out this way, a lot of sick terrane and not a lot of people. April will be one of the best on record for the corn / summit season.

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    That’s a pretty sick couloir section in the video. Well worth checking out.


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    Conditions looked great. As did shredding with pros. :headbang:

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    You guys ripped THE SHIT out of those chutes!!! Nice ridding.

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    Sweet – looks really nice :drool: Idaho has some awesome terrain. Thanks for the trip report.

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    That zone looks SICK! :drool:

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    Sorry you weren’t able to make it Neil, next time!

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