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    Tis the season. The season for shred in the Juans. This time a couple north facing lines in the Sneffels range were in our sights, Migthy Mt Sneffels and Teakettle Mtn. The first being a classic descent, the second more of an exploration to gnarsville. Team Shred = Splitrippin and Bones Get Broke (and myself).

    Day 1 was the approach:

    Sneffels & the upper dogleg of the Snake Couloir.

    Team Shred with Dallas looming…

    Sneffels Nordwand, Snake on lookers right.

    Rope practice

    Evening trail breakin’

    Day 2, lets do this!

    Skin to win.

    The dogleg

    It was tough.

    So topping out on the line, I geared up for the 5th class rock finish. About 10 feet into the pitch, I just about get hit in the head with a rope from a rappelling party of tele-wanks. After I did some cussin’ they yelled “rope”. 🙄 . The first wank got down to me and I asked him how many in his party. He said 9 were headed down 😯 . Immediately we pulled the plug and i jumped on his rap rope without a second thought. We didn’t boot up this thing for 5+ hours to follow some wanks and get second sloppies (even though they asked if we could wait up? 😆 ). We are Team Shred after all. We began the descent down….

    The shred was good.

    This is why you skip the summit after climbing all morning….

    Twas an interesting day, didnt see a soul all morn, then we raced down to get firsties in the chute. Not ideal but great turns were had. Not many people doing it the hardway. But we utilized the north face base camp for day 2, the North Face of Teakettle. Little to no info on this Gem:

    Teakettle second summit from left. & Sneffels the monarch

    Cirque Mtn Gnar

    Teakettle North Face


    Up Up & away…

    Bones given er hell on the steeps…


    Topped out the steepest skin of our lives and time for some booting around the south face and towards the summit

    Potosi looms large

    Teakettle Handle, Dallas in the hole.

    yum ( i love death exposure)

    Team shred, minus splitrippin who had to bail due to some intense shoulder pain. (sorry homee)

    Pucker Up, north face chute


    bones get broke
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    This TR is approved by Snake Plisskin.

    Mt. Sneffels and the Snake Plisskin Couloir. Turns out that this hill is largely populated by shitheels. Present company excluded of course.

    The crew:

    Ronaldinho The Brazillian Soccer Star

    The Boot:



    ‘sending into the clouds….

    Bonus bluebird pow shred.

    The next day = Less people and more gnar.


    Skinning the entire North face.

    Summit ridge

    Tippy top of Teakettle.

    Hft carries a seperate harness for his sack.

    Rapp #2 back onto the North face. Check the skin track all the way up.

    The Shred was hairball to put it lightly. Ski cutting the top of this had my ass chewing up my undies.

    …..Epic. Thanks for having me along HfT. It’s always a blast.

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    Holy shit. Nice work gents.

    And really?!?!?! who the hell brings 9 people with them to ski a line like this?

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    Snaked the WANKS!!! No better feeling than snakin wanks and rippin fresh all at the same time. Strong work :doobie: . I gotta get up to that Tea Kettle spot, that shot with Dallas in the background was sweet.

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    Well-played wank ambush – way to represent.


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    Pretty sure I can pick out the snowboard tracks!

    Wow. Infinite lines in this pic.

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    Boyz… such a good freekin time. Every time I roll with Bonez and HFT I think I laugh more than I do all year. Such good, humble, honest, mountaineer-steezed shredders I’m honoured to ride with. Besides the fact they feel the need to work on their gay-disco back burn-tans :thumpsup: whilst digging tent platforms. :disco: “ooonce..ooonce..ooonce”

    I truly feel soooo stoked, and blessed to have been asked along on the West Needle, and this San Juans camp mission. My mountaineering skills definitely are green, but these guys have been super inspiring.

    Even though my body/mind told me stay the eff off TeaKettle. Hanging out in front of the grand and beautiful Juans to watch my bros go through a really tough day was stokerz!

    Thanks HFT and Bonez…you guys are freekin the best :thatrocks:

    OBTW… after Tele douche almost blasted HFT in the face with the rope, and knee dropp’d gnob gobbled his bukkaki ass down a couple feet to pilfer snow with his douche arse… he goes to me…”doooooood, you should wait.. and we can all shred this line together”… my response…”aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…..hmmmmmmmm….we’re going down”. I should have told him to take a good look at my bean bag because hes about to watch my ass gobble this fokkin line right to left…. blleeeeeeeeeyotch!

    Rhonaldhino signing off :doobie: It’s fishing time mengz… giggidy

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    @splitrippin wrote:

    I should have told him to take a good look at my bean bag because hes about to watch my ass gobble this fokkin line right to left…. blleeeeeeeeeyotch!

    Bones should of just said “nobody cares you tele”. Splitripping, you crack me up. Good work guys. Very inspiring work.

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    Nice work guys, way to snake those fuckin tele douche bags.

    Serious pucker on that teakettle line!

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    Nice play time fellas!


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    Love it! Great stuff guys!

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    So where did the wankers come from if you were climbing up??? Is this a popular line?
    So glad you poached them :thumpsup: Especially since they asked you to wait up! 😆

    What kind of camera you using?

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    Thanks guys, definitely stoked on the firsties, tele kooks. :nononno: (though there were some ATers too.)

    @bgnight wrote:

    So where did the wankers come from if you were climbing up?

    The south face route is easier as its just a road skin followed by a boot pack.

    @bgnight wrote:

    Is this a popular line??

    Fucking apparently! (its a 14er so yeah it gets gaped to the max, usually not til summer though) We counted 9 additional tracks down by early afternoon

    @bgnight wrote:

    What kind of camera you using?

    Canon 40d

    bones get broke
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    I heard that those 9 bushwankers really loved death exposure…….

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    I heard it was being exposed to death by meat sword?? :scratch: Don’t know… drop a knee, gob a nob was too busy slappin people with ropes, and pre-planning the 6000 knee drops required to impress the crew of 9.

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    Well done Bones, HFT, and ‘Trippin’. Glad you guys enjoyed the approach up into Blaine Basin, a beautiful area and so much a better way to ride the Snake than from Yankee Boy. Great decision to pull the plug on tagging the summit to ride the line untracked-was this a weekend day?
    I love the skin track up the ‘kettle as well!
    Beautiful photos too, thanks for sharing the SW CO stoke.

    Off to the Elks for four days tomorrow, hoping for some break in the storms…

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    great trip you guys had!
    Beautiful lines with great snow.

    And stellar pics as usual Forrest….. actually more as ususal, some really good ones in there!

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    Finally turned on my home computer so I just got to see your pictures HFT. Nice work guys. Those lines looked sick bro. Very inspiring. Looks like I got a good idea how to train for next year. Do more trad climbing! Stuff is filling in nicely at home. Been dumping all week. Now if we can just get those new snow layers to bond. Wife got her first experience with spring sluffage.

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    SAWEEET!!! Great work, glad you got both lines. I’m a bit jealous… wish I could have joined you all. I’ll be back home in the SJ’s on Sunday… can’t wait!!!

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