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    I’m up in Alaska and can’t try on these boots locally, so I’m really stuck. I’m hoping to hear about people’s experiences with any of the wide version boots out there— Salomon Synapse and Dialogue, and the Burton Ruler.

    My issue is that my foot is 29.5 cm long and 12 cm wide. That’s a between a US 11.5 and 13 in length, depending on whose sizing chart you use, and a US 14 in width. You see my problem.

    I wear just about any size 13 street shoe comfortably. Some are even too long. I’ve worn Deeluxe Sparks in size 30.5 and they’re too narrow and too short.

    Currently I’m bootless so thanks in advance for your help!


    I’m not sure its even comparable from my size to yours, but for what is worth I have always worn Burtons because they fit my wide feet well. I love them. I always think of Salomons as being fit for a small volume narrow foot. Thats how it shakes out in women’s boots anyways. Of course if all of those companies make wide specific boots it would be a whole other thing to compare.


    I usually wear a 9.5 wide in street shoes, and find that Salomons fit my V shaped foot really well: narrow heel, wide toe box. I personally found them to fit better than the wide Burtons, which were great at the toe box but too sloppy at the heel.


    I have a pair of Synapse’s in the wide version and really like them. I’ve tried on the regular and the wide version back-to-back and ended up going with the wide. I have a V-shaped foot with a narrow heel and my heel is still locked in with the wide version.

    I have never tried on a wide Burton boot but have had better luck with Salomon boots vs Burton in the past. I have owned Driver X’s, Malamutes and the current Synapse. My Salomon boots have generally held up better than the Burton’s. The Burton’s always packed out (for me) at least 1/2 a size, while the Salomon’s did not. Maybe the newer Burton’s are holding up better?



    Hi Mark,

    Thanks. Do you typically wear wide footwear, or did these just happen to fit you better? I.e., did you like the wides because they’re actually a regular width, and the ‘regular’ Salomons are super narrow?


    Sorry it took me while to respond, I don’t check the forums frequently.

    The wide Synapse’s just fit me better. I don’t find Salomon boots particularly narrow, but the wides in this model fit me really well. My Burton driver X’s were causing me some foot pain on long days at the widest part of my foot. I had them “punched out” as much as the boot fitter could muster, but it still wasn’t perfect.

    I usually wear a regular width boot/shoe, but have on occasion worn wide running shoes and Danner boots. Most of the time I swim in wide boots and shoes, but sometimes (rarely) they fit me better.

    I hope this helps!


    I used to ride the Driver’s and I liked them for their stiffness but I used to have to go a full number size larger then I wear in order for them to fit me. (I am a 9.5e (super wide, but not so long)) (so 10.5 DriverX and Imperials). After a few years of slop, and my left foot constantly going dead in burtons, Vans and others I took a chance on the Deeluxe Spark XV.. I am able to wear a size 10, and I am comfortable the whole day. I’ve had 3-4 outings in BC and 2 resort days in them so far. I would usually have dead foot 30-45 minutes up the skin I’m pain free all the way to the top. Same thing at the resorts, after about an hour..dead foot on the left. I dont know what it is about the Deeluxe’s but these fit me the best of any other boot I have shoved my foot in over the past 5 years.

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