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    Who’s in? 😀

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    Because I can’t go, you suck.


    But have a good one anyway!

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    you’ll never make it

    do shasta

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    I’m interested. I lack any serious transportation though so I’d definitely need to carpool. And I work Friday so when do you want to leave?

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    Not much response… I may hafta work Saturday anyway, and Friday’s out for sure.

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    I know it’s a big stretch but I’m going to be riding several miles of singletrack near Dodge Ridge tomorrow mid-morning. Any Bay Area folks want a tour of some of the Central Sierra’s finest? We’ll encounter a few snow drifts (actually-affix would prolly board ’em) that we’ll have to hike-a-bike but all of the downhill is snow free.

    FYI–the s/t is pretty rocky with some 1-3 foot drop offs but nothing to hairy. No big jimw style jumps. There’s a few super fast ribbon like sections that totally kick ass.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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