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    Just wanted to throw the idea out there for a weekend of splittin’ in the Saddlebag/Conness area in the coming weeks.

    jimw and I were talking about getting up there in another thread and I noticed bcr said he’d like to get up there even before the road to Saddlebag opens.

    So, how about it? Which dates work for you? It’s probably going to be a while before 120 even opens, much less Saddlebag, so I’m sure we’ve got some time to try and plan this.

    Any interest?


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    Sounds good to me. Early-mid June maybe? We could overnight it if we have to skin up the Tioga and Saddlebag roads…

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    Great idea! I’m in.

    I think 120 will be open from the east side to the pass (not through the park) in a few weeks. An overnighter is recommended even if Tioga is open, because it’s 4 miles to the usual campsite from Tioga Pass Rd, and add another 4+ if Tioga is closed.

    What about Memorial Day maybe? We would leave the crowds at the pass, and it gives the option of a third day.

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    Definetley interested. Mid-June works best for me. I’d be stoked to get out there. I live in Merced (about 1.5-2hr from Tioga Pass) and would be willing to host folks on their way up if it would make logistics easier for them. Let’s make it happen! I’ve also got free access to a cabin in Wawona, kinda low in terms of elevation but in the heart of Yosemite.

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    Good idea SFB!

    I’ve been wanting to organize a Splitter Corn Camp and Saddlebag was at the top of the list.

    There are a number of splitters and new folks getting into bc snowboarding that have expressed interest in a trip and I think a corn camp or mini SplitFest would be a great way to get them (as well as us) out there.

    Memorial Weekend is out for me but I like the idea of a 3-dayer (and its mandatory for Saddlebag before the road opens). I can pull the time off work if others can as well. The first and second weekends in June get my vote. The base is fat and the corn isn’t even ripe yet. The expected snow this week is only going to push it out further. We have plenty of time. 🙂

    If we do Saddlebag before the road to the resort opens it means we will be snow camping. For most this isn’t an issue for others it may mean they can’t go do to lack of overnight gear or experience. As for the gear, I have at least 2 sleeping bags and pads I can loan as well as an extra stove and misc items. If we all pool together I’m sure we’d be fine. As for terrain, there is terrain there for all abilities.

    The second locale I had in mind is Virginia Lakes.
    This place we can all get to much sooner and easier. We can car camp as well so we can enjoy steaks and cold beers with the luxuries of camp chairs and tunes. Plenty of terrain too.

    Personally I vote for both trips! 🙂

    Va Lakes next weekend?
    Saddlebag June 3/4/5 or 10/11/12?

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    Nice thread! I’m in for everything…a butt dart I know from up north is in for 10/11 weekend.

    Another buddy just scored his new ride yesterday so he’s in for both.

    3 votes for 10/11
    or 2 for anything.

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    I’m in for both. Next weekend sound like a perfect time to hit up Virginia Lakes.

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    June 10/11/12 for Saddlebag sounds good. I’d love to do Virginia Lakes next weekend, but I am committed to an inbounds Mammoth trip already. Maybe I could sneak up for one of the days. Hmm….

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    Any of these weekends works for me as far as I know.

    FYI the T-Tipsters are doing a Ginny Lakes Corn Fest on the weekend of May 21/22.

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    @Matt wrote:

    FYI the T-Tipsters are doing a Ginny Lakes Corn Fest on the weekend of May 21/22.

    Which is even more motivation to get down there next weekend. 🙂

    I rather ski the area when it’s smooth as opposed to with a bunch of zig-zag and faceplant marks. 😉 😛

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    @bcrider wrote:

    Va Lakes next weekend?
    Saddlebag June 3/4/5 or 10/11/12?

    Nice! I’m stoked to see there’s some interest! 8)

    VA Lakes next weekend 5/14-15 looks good right now, although, there is a slight possibility that work might get in the way.

    As for Saddlebag, I’d like to vote for June 10/11/12.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve also got some extra camping gear to loan out to anyone if they need it for snow camping.

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    I’m in for June 10-12 at Saddlebag. Stocked. Shit, I just realized I’ll have to come in from the east side. My car ride just went from 2 to 6or 7hrs. Oh well.

    I’m expecting my second baby any day now, think my pregnat wife would understand if I bolted for Va Lakes next weekend? 😡 I’m assuming she would. 😉 I jealous though, I’ve been wanting to hit up Va Lakes. You boys have fun ❗

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    😀 😀 😀 Yesssss.
    Great idea SMB.

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    Sounds good! I was already planning on going out that way the weekend of June 11. Probably can’t do 3 days though. That’s cool, I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to find you guys…

    I’m going to crash the TTips VA lakes party on the May 21st weekend, and put big wide snowboard tracks all over everything. 🙂 Actually I have a tele buddy coming out from NY, so I figured that would be fun for him.

    mtnrider, what the hell is a butt dart? On second thought, I don’t want to know…

    Snow Nymph
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    Virginia Lakes looks good for us on the 14/15th.

    Let me know if Saddlebag will be June 10-12. I have to get a temp, and I want to be sure of the date.

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    was already looking at a trip to saddlebag 11/12 with a mixed crew. F’Yeah ❗ wish i could make it to VA…

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    Any chance any of you Cascade, Wasatch, Rockies or East Coast homies will make it to Saddlebag?

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    @bcrider wrote:

    I rather ski the area when it’s smooth as opposed to with a bunch of zig-zag and faceplant marks. 😉 😛


    This skier might make an appearance next weekend, but will try to avoid the face plants.

    Dutch MArC_OS
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    Ola guys. SFB. Great Plan. Virginia Lakes looks good for us on the 14/15th look good to me . Also VA Lakes next weekend 5/14-15 is pretty open. Would love to get some runs in. Hope it will al work out. Looking forward to see al you guys there sooooon….

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    Well, sounds like VA Lakes should be going off this weekend. Guess we’ll have to see what the latest little dump of snow does to the road in though. Heard there wasn’t much parking available at the road end either…

    Anyway, I think I’ll be trying to bail out of work early Friday to drive up there from the Bay Area. Anyone else planning on camping at the trailhead Friday night? Any tips on best way to get there from the Bay Area? Initial hopes of some of the summer passes being opened in time seem to have been squashed, but I could be wrong…

    This is going to be a long week. Can’t wait ’til Friday..

    Greg - NoKnees

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