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    After 2 weeks of changing our plans many times, Evan otherwise known as Euclid and I finally decided on the S. Sister since they had just opened the road on thurs. We arrived at the trailhead on Sat evening and ended up making camp about 2 miles back up the road were we could camp on bare ground.
    View of our objective from camp.

    We got up pretty early so we had time to sort though our yard sale of gear, we brought it all because of all of the plan changes. Started hiking on snow right from the road.
    Of course there was split booting involved.

    After 1400′ of split booting we see our goal.

    The only downfall of this route is a 1.5 mile flat in the middle of it. It turned out that it was not so bad, I have never had better skinning conditions though these meadows. Once we got to 8400′ it became to steep for me to skin anymore because I do not own ski crampons, Evan was able to skin to 8700′ where we climbed onto the Lewis Glacier.

    After another 1300′ of bootpack we were on the crater rim. It would have been the Stairway To Heaven if not for the idiot climbers who plunge step the bootpack to oblivion.After reaching the crater rim we dropped our gear and walked though the crater to tag the summit.
    Evan on the summit

    Views to the North Middle and N. Sisters, Mt. Washington, Mt. Jefferson and Mt Hood.

    View to the East of Broken Top, check out the couloir in the foreground. What do you know about this one jlag?

    Down into the crater

    Mt. Bachelor, obviously screwing there season pass holder by closing last week. There is 100″ at their base still.

    After hanging out for about an hour we finally got to ride. The snow at the top was a little bumpy but very good riding. We traversed onto the top edge of the Lewis Glacier to eliminate any extra skinning down low.
    Evan riding the Lewis Glacier

    I gave up on pictures after this.The snow was good for almost all 4500′ of the descent and except for the flat meadow we were able to ride to 100′ from the road. One of the best days I have ever had in the mountains.


    Definitely one of the finer mountain days for me too-55 degrees and bluebird, excellent conditions up and down-what more could we want? much gratitude …

    just a few more pics…sorry no riding greg.

    Ths one is at the beginning of the dreaded flat meadows.

    the south ridge to the summit

    solo at about 9000′

    a surprising, hungry little crevasse at about 9500′

    and across the crater to the summit “pinnacle”

    Once again…gratitude to Mrs. South Sister and the cascades!


    Nice TR!!!

    So, is the road open to the main TH, or just to the green lakes TH?

    I think I need to make a road trip south next weekend! :thumpsup:

    I am DONE with Mt. Hood for now. 🙄


    Otto, The whole road is opened despite many rumors otherwise. We met two other splitboarders who parked at Sparks Lake and skinned in through the Green Lakes route. They had been told that the road was closed.


    Nice TR and photos. We just rode the South via Green Lakes yesterday and it was great! TR to follow.


    Thanks for the stoke guys. Right on.


    Things look great up there! Good stuff :thatrocks:

    165 Venture Divide/Spark Frankenburners/La Sportiva Spantiks
    163W Jones Solution/Phantom Alphas/Dynafit TLT5s
    162 Furberg



    Nice job guys, snow quality looks really good up there. I love the camping shots as well.

    Not sure about that Cooly, haven’t ridden much on that side of BT, at least that far west. Does it go all the way through and hooks up the with the N. side of BT? Pretty gnarly terrain over there, but it does tickle my fancy.



    @jlag wrote:

    …but it does tickle my fancy.


    TMI Jlag! 😀

    Hope you’re having a great spring!

    Nice TR fellas!


    Forgot to mention that I’ll be back in Central Oregon this summer. We’re going a lot later this year (July 24-Aug 1), think there will be good turns?


    @Ecobrad wrote:

    Forgot to mention that I’ll be back in Central Oregon this summer. We’re going a lot later this year (July 24-Aug 1), think there will be good turns?

    Yeah, great MTB turns on dirt!


    Nice job guys, looks like you got some great turns in great conditions!

    After a last-minute trip up to Bend and potential partners bailing, I ended up on N. Sister on the same day solo… and conditions, um, sucked (but that’s a story for another TR…). Glad you found better conditions than I did!


    Eco-unfortunately jimw might be right about MTB as the option.
    We’re getting slammed with
    80’s+ and sunshine consistently (no complaints)…
    we’ll see how long the snow holds out. August can be tough here
    outside of isolated glacier runs or something up high.
    I’d imagine there’ll be SOMETHING though. Let’s stay posted…

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