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    Ok, so on my old split (which I bought used), I had a weid but highly effective system set up to keep my skins held onto the tail while in climbing mode (it was a first generation Burton split). On my new Mojo, I assume I need some kind of clips to keep the tail end of the skin attached to the tail end of the board while climbing?

    2nd question: I trimmed my skins the other night then folded them up and put ’em away. Last night I took them out and was only able to get each one unfolded by a hernia-inducing feat of strength. Is there a trick to pulling skins apart before re-sticking to the board? Or will they break in w/ use and become easier to pull apart. My old set of skins were not nearly this sticky.

    Thanks y’all…

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    Hi E,

    I have a new Mojo as well and the tails just stay put by glue alone. I’m sure as they get broke in they will become less able to stick to the tail which will likely solve the later problem. BTW I know what you mean about hernia inducing, but I’m sure it will get easier to separate the skins.

    I’m using a method posted elsewhere on the forum. The idea is to fold the skins into sort of a w shape. Resting the hairy side on my arm I let half dangle to either side, then fold half of each sticky side back onto its self. Seems to be a little less work unsticking half the skin at a time. YMMV


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    Voile’ skins have no rear clips or straps, they stay on the tails with just the glue. I’m still using my first set of skins on my homebuilt board and the glue is just as good as the set I have for my Mountain Gun even though they’re 8? years old.
    I’ve never had a problem just pulling the skins apart, but what about hooking the skin on the board and pulling down?

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    They actually warn against hooking the skins to the board and pulling down, becuse it puts stain on the tip; potentially breaking it. I fold my skins in half and to pull them apart I hold the them between my legs ~the knee and use both legs and arms to open them. They also make a mesh fabric used to put between the sticky side of the skin when you fold it. I think it’s primarily for storage but it will probably help you until they’re broken in. I’ll echo the other comments in that you don’t need a tail clip.
    I think one on the instructional videos on this site shows the skin seperation tecnique I was talking about.

    And here the mesh thing I was talking about
    Good luck happy skinning

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    The problem with the tractor skins and the mesh sheets is that the glue is strong enough to tear them, and then you have leftovers. Learned this the hard way =(

    If you want an easier way to open them up, fold in a W instead of in two (two quarters of the skins fold inwards, with the tipsmeeting at the halfway point). This is easier to open with the knees.

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    Off season training? 😀

    Dangerous E
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    Ok, that’s some good info. Especially the video showing how to pull apart the skins w/ your legs. Thanks for the help. Now we just need some snow…

    Douglas Mafia
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    @refried wrote:

    Off season training? 😀

    😆 that is just too funny.

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    skin savers are key. try not to stick your skins togeather when they are warm. it realy f’s up the glue.

    if you like me and you yo yo a lot in cold weather, then your going to find that the glue becomes way less effective when it’s cold. tricks to try.

    clean all the snow off your skins before folding them in half. I scrape them on the edge of my board.

    to keep them warm, keep them close to the body when shreding. I like to fold them over my shoulders. it gives you the added effect of shoulder pads so you can pull off the buisness woman look.
    (this last tip may cause your skins to ice up. easy to solve with a wax scraper going against the grain.)

    while you put your skins on, rub them flat with you hand to help warm the glue.

    before you start skinning, take a few stomp step in place to make sure they are stuck before moving forward.

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    Last night I took them out and was only able to get each one unfolded by a hernia-inducing feat of strength.

    In addition to the other recommendations, you could also try…… not being a sissy :poke:

    Dangerous E
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    @peacefrog wrote:

    Last night I took them out and was only able to get each one unfolded by a hernia-inducing feat of strength.

    In addition to the other recommendations, you could also try…… not being a sissy :poke:

    Dude, what fraternity were you in?

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    Rho Omicron Tau

    There’s a joke in there, google should help.

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    I use the black mesh “Cheat Sheets” that come with BD Ascension ski skins. It’s faster, easier and glue lasts longer. :thumpsup:

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    I use the “Skinny” from splitboard europe (links only in German…sorry)
    they don’t shred apart like the cheat sheets and ruin your glue

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