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    So I went out to the Skyscraper Glacier at Rollins Pass near Winter Park on Saturday. unfortunately, I got lost and drove about 30 miles out of the way. We ultimately made it to the TH at about 4:00 p.m. Decided it would be best to wait for another day. But I’m hoping to make it back this weekend. In case anyone is looking for beta on this particular spot, I though I would provide a few pics. Anyway, the Road to get there is county road 80, its right after the hotel/brewery near the lifts at Winter Park, if you are coming from Berthod Pass. If you get to downtown Winter Park, you went to far. The road is not in great condition, especially up near the top, but more from the bumps and rocks, rather than ruts or anything. I made it in my subie and I saw a honda accord up there. Its 14 miles from the turn in WP and it took close to an hour to get up. Once up there, it looks like it would be better to hike up from the bottom, rather than the top.

    We didn’t get too close, so these are all across the Valley. I looked at the map and estimated that there was about a max of 800 ft of vert to ride. That is probably generous. Also, there is a rail up there, if you want to get your jib on. Really it is probably closer to 600 ft. But, it is August…

    Zoom of the main body of the “glacier”

    And from across the valley, zoomed out. very pretty. Might even be worth camping out down at in there.

    There are more here…

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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