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    Looking for some info and maybe guide suggestion for Roger’s pass. I’m taking my 15 yo for first BC trip. Was hoping to do a lodge somewhere in the BC but he’s not so sure about a whole week of backcountry…… (He’s a very strong rider, happy to do steeps, etc. but still unsure why not to use the lifts.) I’m looking for something to get some stoke going.

    I’ve got some frequent flyer tix into Calgary. I was thinking splitting time at Rogers with either Revelstoke or Kicking Horse. Any other ideas?

    We would definitely need a guide for Rogers- I’ve never been there and don’t have enough avy savvy to lead. Any recommendations?

    Thanks for any info,



    You may want to check out

    Scott Newsome is a guide who splitboards and he is located in Revelstoke near Rogers Pass. Backcountry guiding a little more geared toward boarders.

    I’m doing a week long trip thru them in late Jan. Just get in touch with them and I’m sure they’ll hook you up. They are awesome to deal with.


    hey vtrider, the resort out here in revelstoke has got some excellent slackcountry touring accessible off the backside. It is a great place to get someone out into the backcountry without making it a full on expedition. The pass is only a forty minute drive east and when conditions are good there is no better place to forget about liftlines.
    When are you thinking of coming out this way? Pm me, and we can get into a bit more detail about what there is to do out here. Or at the very least maybe we could hook up for some uphill skiing.

    If you are thinking about going the guided trip route, mrash is right on the money. Scott is definitely the guy to go splitting with in the selkirks.


    Hey, good for getting your son to go along. Myself being 20, I’m in a similar boat as he is perhaps. Currently, I snowboard and tele-ski, and will hopefully be getting a split kit for Christmas (I hope Santa reads this). I’ve been getting out into the woods with the teles, and once in a while with slowshoes and a snowboard. The key to enjoying the backcountry, at least for myself, is just a matter of being out in the woods. The pace is a lot slower, I don’t rush as much as a I do at a resort. For example, I always feel that half of a run at most ski areas is getting to the goods/getting back to the lift. If I’m backwoods, I enjoy every last bit of it. Also, I tend to be one of those folks who enjoys the uphill just as much as the down.

    I don’t believe that you can necessarily convince your son to enjoy the BC, but exposing him to it is the first step. Also, not to mention that (assuming from your name) last winter, while skiing backwoods here in VT, I always found fresh snow – from November until May. Few ski resorts around here can boast the same. (Heck, if you get technical, I took two turns in Tuckerman Ravine on my board on July 14th.)


    Yamnuska mtn guides ( also does Rogers Pass guided weekend trips.

    The U of C outdoor centre ( does their Rogers Pass ski weekends as well. They’re based out of Calgary, so you can carpool with some of the other people on the trip. Since you are flying into Calgary anyway.


    You can also rent splitboards at the Outdoor centre, in case you want to try before you buy.

    In Rogers Pass there is Glacier Park Lodge, which is a hotel. This is probably where you will end up staying, but if you want to get him out to a backcountry hut without a long slog or commitment, you should check out the AO Wheeler hut. It’s only 1 km off the highway, (still in Rogers Pass) and you get to have all the other fun ammenities of a hut, (outhouse, melting snow on the wood stove, etc.)


    go on a tour with scott newsome out of revelstoke, awesome bang for the buck. he guides on a splitboard and is an all around rad guy. super knowledgeable. (just did my AST1 with him, so yeah i’m floggin his services) .

    i think he has one split to rent as well.

    staying at the glacier park lodge is a good idea, but i ‘m not sure of the room rates. i’m more of a 20$ dorm bed scumbag unfortunately.


    Thanks to all for the advice – what a great community we have here.

    I have been talking with Scott and am planning to hook up with him for a few days of guiding to get started.

    Can’t wait. Revelstoke area looks completely sick.




    hey lib, where did you stay? how was it? i have some friends comming out looking for a place to stay, but I don’t know where to point them as I’ve heard mixed reviews about accom in the area.

    where did you guys find enough snow to dig a pit? it has not been too bad of an early season, but I have trouble picturing an ast1 class beasting it above treeline.


    i stayed at the samesun which i only recommend if they’re 20 and want to get wasted.(i have not however tried a private room there- they’re on the ground floor and may be better). theres this place called poppy’s hostel that one guy stayed in which he said was super chill , clean and quiet.

    as far as the pit goes, we slogged it up into the nrc gully almost at treeline on day one, then went up balu pass into hospital bowl on day two , reaching 6300ft (100 – 150cms). thats why it ruled 😆 . we had 3 splitters (including me), one skier, and 7 snowshoers. everybody was pretty game, there was only one girl that dropped out early on day one. the snowshoers were definitely puffing though…

    and all my gear held together on my first real skin of the year , which also ruled.

    (sorry bout the thread hijack VT)

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