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    Rod’s Run / First Attempt – A nice day in the Monashees

    Our destination, the couloir at the end of the ridge, a nice, north aspect run of about 2000 vertical feet.

    While I went to park the snowmobile, snowshoer Al thought he would lend a helping hand, so set up my board in touring mode for me!

    Al and Kris: the hard way meets the right way.

    This nice north aspect slope keeps the snow in pristine condition. the mountain in the background was our destination later in the week.

    Making our way along the ridge, great views under the blue sky.

    Kris drops in under the cornice,

    and wastes a lot of hard earned vertical as he falls and then slides a couple hundred feet.

    Rod, the eponym for the run we didn’t ride….. maybe next time.

    A good way to end a great day. Next week we’ll split/climb and then ride the far summit.

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    sick pics and lines split66!

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