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    an attempt to add a little more stoke from MT fails… into a cloudy, blurry mess. :nononno:
    anyone looking for pretty photos or a decent TR best browse on!

    First TR here, so be gentle. This is the most photos i have taken in prob 3 yrs :doobie:

    First time out in 5 weeks due to a bum knee, so i hit up a favorite spot with super-easy road access.
    Always tons of wildlife and very few people. Only bear hunters this time of year, who don’t get out of their car.
    I like that spring split trips here involve packing bear spray 😮

    the only pretty pic, snapped the previous day (by my gf. obv, not by me)

    saw these purdy gals on the way into the canyon

    drove in on Fri night, car camped here. ahhh, fire roasted german brats and beer. And snow!

    drove up road 10 mins the next morning and started at it… the peak is in the background. still snowing!

    skin up to the treeline on the right of the mtn, boot to the ridge, up to the top, then back down the central SE face. 2200′ top to bottom.

    this whole face is a massive avy path, and thus offers great tree runs much of the way down.

    up the ridge

    looking back

    0 visibility @ top, but attempted to snap this terrible pic of the drop in. Luckily it only required a few foot drop at the bottom of this, which my knee handled just fine. I probably shouldnt even post this photo it is such shit.

    and then on down! 2′ to 6″ stacked up of unbelievably fluffy pow, which provided a full run of continual face shots. one happy camper here!

    lunch at the bottom, then back up about 2/3rds the way to the top, right at the top of the tree line, looker’s left. Legs DO feel like theyve been sitting elevated on a couch for the past month. Next weekend I am planning on hitting the snow covered peak in the far background of this pic. only about a 1:45min skin from the car 😀

    as i got to the car, finally some blue sky!

    on the way out, saw these gentlemen on the road

    also saw moose tracks and wolf tracks (fresh!). Ive put in around 20 days up here, over the past 2 years and it never fails to disappoint.

    Man this TR shit takes some work!

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    perfect, my pics turned out to be thumbnails. 😆 😆
    well thats is good as it is going to get!

    At least youve only wasted a couple minutes of your time, as opposed to the 1.5hrs this took me to figure out.

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    Looks like some awesome terrain! What’s the closest town? I would love to go check it out some time.

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    Nearest Choteau.
    If you ever make it up that far north, I would love to join!

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    nice! Me and some friends went up to teton pass a couple(?) years ago before it sold and skinned above the ski hill(it was closed). that area has some awesome potential despite access issues.

    btw you don’t know papu do ya? my buddy’s girlfriend who i went with is from around helena and grew up with those guys, forget the name of his shop.

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    Yes, that access road to the ski area provides a ton of options. Since the ski hill will be open this year, the road will be plowed and maintained throughout the winter/spring, which is nice.
    The TR above was a drainage south of the ski area.
    I had hoped to spend some overnighters up there this spring- there is some super sick terrain a good ways in. As you said, access issues.

    Papu is a good dude. Last spring, he helped me franken-binder my sparks with union backs and straps last minute. Spent like 1.5 hrs messing with the setup one afternoon at his shop, 406, and he charged me like $15, including the straps!

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