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    karma surf
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    A few of us L.A.G.’s (low altitude geezers) went and found some nice snow today. Not a ton of coverage, but riding before Halloween always gets my spirits up! 8)

    You can further harass me with the knowledge that my 3 partners were all skiers! 😯

    I hope everybody else is getting some too! 😀

    jive stick
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    This are some nice turns you guys cut into this bowl.

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    Looking good Karma…glad the LAG’s could get it done! That bowl looks money too…looks like those damn snowboard tracks are not nice and tidy and in compliance with the ski tracks though? Maynard G. would be upset eh? Oh yah…did you make it to the gym after your low altitude training? 😉 😉 😉

    karma surf
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    Ya, they oughta ban those Mtn Guns in the Wasnatch, all they wanna do is make big turns… I’m sure Maynerd will be volunteering all types of sign language in my direction next time I see him!

    I have honestly been bitched at by skiers for making big turns here in the ‘Snatch, it’s funny as hell! After they’re done whining I usually go back up to the top and trash all the lines with bigger turns 😉

    When you gonna road trip on down and join in the fun anyway bro? 😀

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    Hey DJ it looks pretty nice, there is more coverage than I thought, I better get my ass in gear soon

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    @karma surf wrote:

    When you gonna road trip on down and join in the fun anyway bro? 😀

    I remember the first time that I rode off the North side of the ridge in LCC. I headed out solo and ended up hooking up with a couple of skiers since I didn’t know the area. I was trying to be all prim and proper and adhere to the ski tracks and farm the pow…I was going so slow making little turny turns that I almost didn’t make it to the bottom of the run. From that day on, I vowed to make my own tracks…

    I will be down as soon as you all get some more coverage and it is nipple deep. December maybe. Will keep you posted. 8)

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