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    Heading out this weekend in the master blaster for a wedding next weekend in Prey, MT. Definitely plan on spending some time in Yellowstone, any other cool spots we should consider hitting along the way? Current plan of attack takes us right up the 15 through Vegas, SLC, etc.

    Too bad it’s not a little later in the season :nononno:

    Any info would be much appreciated :doobie:

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    You’re probably okay but you might want to check on the park being open. They’ll be closing it up pretty soon anyways. There is a good pizza and brewery in West Yellowstone the town. Maybe snag a hot springs book along the way, I know there are a bunch in S/E Idaho. Have fun, wish I was rolling. :thumpsup:

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    Hey Markus,
    JParker and I just made our first turns of the year about an hour ago, even an honest pow turn or two. If you’ve got free time bring your stuff and we’ll take you out!


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    You couldn’t ask for a better intro to your 1st season than that SD!!!!!!

    They’re a good bunch, them splitboarders…

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    The park will be open – especially the entrance at Gardiner – it never closes. They may close stretches of road if these current storms continue. Great timing really – the crowds are gone & wildlife will be everywhere. Like Will said bring your gear – we’re getting winter – turns can be had real close to Pray. You may want to try Beartooth Pass although it could be shut down – but if they plow it – easy access roadside potential.

    Outside the park – it’ll be full-on hunting season so be aware of that.

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    Nice, wearing a Beartooth Pass t-shirt right now @ work. I have yet to make it all the way through, timing is essential last time I missed that and Glacier by a day or two.

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    Sweet-thanks for the info guys, I’m starting to get really excited about this trip! :bananas:

    Thanks for the generous invite, I’ll PM you for the details :thumpsup:

    Many thanks,


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    We’ve been getting pounded up here. Who knows how much snow we’ll have by the time you’re here!


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    Headed out to the Red Lodge area tomorrow! :bananas: Hooray for snow! Beartooth Pass is closed for the season but you can still get to Cooke City through Gardner. Wild life will be awesome right now! Try to hit up the Hot Pots in the Gardner River right at the 45 parallel! Some snow always makes the water feel that much better!

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